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A structure capable of integrating light and intelligence by Artemide

21 July 2021

Light elements hooked on a cable thanks to a “bridge” element


Funivia is a functional, loose and inclusive network of relationships, both material and immaterial, able to evolve through the interaction of its elements. The cable, having a special minimum section but capable of supporting mechanical and thermal stress, is the energy distribution channel of the system and the supporting element on which the light elements connect. The cable runs seamlessly in space exceeding the limits of three dimensions. It is separately fixed, floor or ceiling through mechanical elements. It runs inside them without having to be cut then interrupted, drawing in the space a network of regular lines, horizontal or vertical, but also inclined.

From a single feeding point, it can run to infinity. The only limit is the power installed on its length. Flexibility and freedom can generate “interferences” between two systems touching each other, crossing into a connecting element that allows the passage of two cables. It is not bound to any electricity grid or predefined project, can enter any space at any time and illuminate with maximum freedom, can generate an extraordinary performance quality without any ad hoc system or specific intervention.

Hence a structure capable of integrating light, intelligence, a partition of space, panels with acoustic properties, and others. The light elements are hooked to the cable thanks to a “bridge” element, a sort of electrical lock that mechanically fixes the device and takes the energy from the cable to power it. The system is inclusive and welcomes products that already exist, as the cable attachment module is a universal system that translates energy into an Esperanto of light.

The cable is the physical network that provides the distribution of energy, the universal connection is the seat of the nodes of an intangible network, the BLL signal through which each device can dialogue with the entire system. Integrating sensors, Funivia can also open to parametric environmental interaction.

Even in this digital network, every device has its own identity, its IP address, to be managed with Dali systems or with Artemide App. Funivia is a sustainable principle in terms of production, distribution, installation, consumption, use, integration of elements that already exist, without necessarily requesting the creation of new additional products. Cable car breaks a scheme common to existing lighting systems, leaving the rigidity of fixed modules (in space, in stock, in production).



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