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Agar Collection by Stefi Illuminazione

29 April 2023

A collection aims to glorify the Nature


All the row materials used in this collection by Stefi Illuminazione are natural and its design came from Nature geometrical vision inspirations. Agar lamps are simple and original, they are perfect for beach houses, restaurants and hotels with seaside design inspirations. Focusing on its design, the lampshade is sand color, looking at this fabric you are immediately throw in Fuerteventura Corralejo dunes. This shade is completely matched with the seaside sticks, who envelop the lamp body. These sticks are real wood, so It’s simple to think them staked in a bay.

Particularly, We love think Agar pendant lamp, while It’s decorating a beach house’s living room, swarmed of a fresh sea breeze. We see this collection in sea restaurant as well, in fact all this collection have a seaside and natural lure. Focusing on this chandelier, it has the maximum of light point, as many as lampshade.

This is the reason why It appeal much more elegant. The lampshades are fabric made, and Their sand color commit perfectly to the metal structure. The metal body has some golden strokes on brown base, this combination, with the stick wood crown gives to all the chandelier a perfect natural touch.

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