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Alba: a rebranding that tells the evolution of the Veneto producer’s identity

3 May 2024

Metalmeccanica Alba Srl and its brands, AlbaComponents and AlbaCustom, are evolving. After more than 40 years in business, the company, which produces furniture solutions and accessories for the office, community and contract sectors, chooses to implement a total rebranding to communicate its new identity.

The reasons behind this project are mainly related to the need to give substance to a process of evolution that has reached a turning point, reviving Metalmeccanica Alba and its brands, under the unique identity of Alba.

This is not a total break from the past, but a leap forward, a new stage in a natural process of productive and commercial evolution.” – Says Franco Ceccato, CEO and co-founder, with Daniele Gasparotto, of Metalmeccanica Alba Srl – While keeping our company name unchanged, we have revised our brand, emblem of our identity, and from today our products will be marked solely by the brand “Alba.”. There will no longer be the divisions that identified and differentiated the various types of offerings in the past, and we will come to the market with a single identity that tells the story of us as a manufacturer of seating, tables and furniture accessories in assembly kits, as well as components. “

This is how Franco Ceccato explains, in summary, the decision to unify the entire offer proposed on the market: Alba becomes a clearer and more rational entity, not just a third-party supplier, but a manufacturer of furniture solutions. “Our traditions are important.” – continues Ceccato – “They do not abandon us; on the contrary, they accompany us on that path of growth that we are facing in order to meet a constantly evolving market and increasingly specific and demanding customer requests. For this reason, too, the new brand takes up some elements of Metalmeccanica Alba’s logo, such as the word “Alba” and the sun pictogram, the latter in an extremely conceptualized version but recalling a detail that has always accompanied the company’s identity. We are therefore aiming for recognizability, rationality and essentiality, without forgetting continuity with our history.

Alba’s rebranding is not limited to the restyling of the logo, but allows the company to undertake a more refined process of becoming more aware of its identity and values, as well as their sharing with the target market. Aspects that find concreteness, for example, in the complete redesign of the company website, now more complete, intuitive, able to always put the proposed collections at the center and associated with the new and unique company domain: The Alba rebranding project is on a structural level, thus constituting the grounding of multiple choices: from those that in recent years have led the quantities of products designed and manufactured in-house to increase, to those that have made it possible to improve quality by continuously obtaining certifications and patents.

This evolution is the result of a period of significant growth and new market opportunities, elements dictated by the expansion of an increasingly diverse and innovative product range, developed in-house with dedication and expertise. Alba, with its renewed brand, looks confidently to the future, continuing to carve out a solid position in the industry through the pursuit of innovation and an unwavering commitment to excellence.” – Ceccato concludes.



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