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An innovation to change the way to install lighting fixtures, not only for emergency lighting

27 June 2024

Beghelli Modula Line is now available also for standard lighting


Modula Beghelli is both a bracket and a multifunctional junction box where the to house expansion and wiring elements. From emergency luminaires, Modula extends to regular lighting with the BS UNO waterproof ceiling light, floodlights for outdoor or wide area lighting (Flood Modula), reflectors for industry (H-Pro Modula) up to lighting for road systems (Strada Modula). Beghelli has introduced a further innovation in the world of electrical systems with the aim to change radically – by simplifying and speeding up – the way of installing a lighting fixture not only for emergencies but now also for everyday lighting.

Modula, patented by the Bologna-based company, is a mounting bracket that incorporates a multifunctional junction box, i.e. a quick bracket in which there is all the space needed for the wiring of the system so that it is no longer necessary to place the traditional junction boxes to connect the lamp. Inside the box, abundant space is available for entering and housing the cables of the removable terminal block and the various optional expansion modules (such as the Radio wireless communication modules and emergency inverters). Wiring, including pass-through wiring, can be completed before mechanically installing the appliances. A revolutionary installation system that reduces time by 50% and simplifies any subsequent maintenance operation.

The luminaires of the Modula series can be separated from the junction bracket and, therefore, handled comfortably with extreme speed, thanks to a simple locking and unlocking snap system. The Modula box by Beghelli pays specific attention to integrating emergency lighting into the fixtures, and – for that reason – it is also designed to contain both self-powered TR and centralized battery inverter modules (LG24, LG230). The inverters housed in the Modula bracket preserve the safety features of the appliances intact. The Modula family includes the BS UNO watertight ceiling light and a new line of floodlights, reflectors and street lighting.

The distinctive profile design and anti-glare screen boasting high lighting performance – flux up to 12500 lm – aesthetically feature BS UNO. An innovative optical diffuser controls the light output to avoid glare (UGR<25).

The Modula line of H-Pro reflectors, flood lights and Strada street lights have been tested to exceed IP65 and IK08 protection ratings, with operating temperatures from -20° to +40°. Sturdiness and solidity are guaranteed to last over time in the most extreme outdoor and industrial environments thanks to the body made entirely of die-cast aluminium, junction box included. In addition to its mechanical characteristics, the range stands out for its energy-saving and lighting performance (up to 57000 lm).



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