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An interplay of weights, volumes and geometries for the new Iglù Collection

29 March 2022

Designed by Oriano Favaretto, the third project for Masiero after Honicé and Ribbon


Metal spheres suspended in mid-air, diffusing light through a metal mesh that protects the light itself, turning the sphere into a genuine luminous jewel. An interplay of weights, volumes and geometries for the new Iglù collection designed by Oriano Favaretto, making this his third project for Masiero after Honicé and Ribbon.

The Iglù collection features numerous harmonious configurations: chandeliers in three different sizes (6, 12 or 18 lights) with luminous globes that chase each other on metal rings as they orbit around a central fulcrum with a LED light positioned on the base to guarantee direct lighting on the surface. Compositions of suspensions on linear bars, ideal for lighting counters, scenic cascades on circular rosettes, wall, table or floor lamps and ceiling lamps in three different sizes.

Graphic and contemporary elements with a sculptural flavour make every configuration unique. Different processes and finishes, a speciality written in Masiero’s DNA, give each sphere its own distinctive density: one half solid and smooth with a patinated bronze finish, the other enclosed in matt gold painted metal mesh that filters the rays of light. The LED light source integrated into the core of each sphere projects regular patterns onto the surfaces. The collection takes its name from this woven mesh mantle, reminiscent of Inuit architecture.

Structure: metal spheres, half with patinated bronze finish, half with matt gold painted mesh. Lighting: integrated LED.



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