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APIR and the project Nohasi Palace Resort

24 March 2023

APIR, a company specialized in hotel products and accessories since 1918, recently designed the signage and accessories for the new luxury Nohasi Palace Resort, a historic residence in the heart of Salento in Lecce – Italy that has been guarded by barons, duchesses and noble families for four centuries. A tradition that has its roots in ancient times in a process of continuous renovation of the structure over the years: from a baronial palace to a brandy distilled by the noble Galluccio family, until the place was transformed into Nohasi Palace Resort, a luxury resort in Galatina, with SPA, restaurant, wellness experience, swimming pool, cocktail bar and much more.

The new soul of Nohasi Palace Resort maintains the structural characteristics that the building has taken on over the years. The preservation of the original identity of the structure has also been maintained thanks to the signage created by APIR and the coordinated accessories, with a constant reference to the pointed arch typical of the building, also a fundamental part of the logo itself. A Total Look studied and taken care of in every detail by APIR to give Nohasi Palace Resort an image of sophisticated elegance but at the same time maintaining the typical elements of both the Apulian and Salento tradition and the history of the building itself.

Brass is the protagonist of the signage and accessories designed by APIR for the project, an important material capable of enhancing to guests all the exclusivity and refinement of the spaces and interiors. The Total Look involved all the interior and exterior accessories from the rooms with the supply of hotel luggage racks, electrical switch plates and accessories for the hotel in general, to the accessories for the table of the bar and restaurant, to the exterior garden signage for which it has been used the Garden collection, characterized by outdoor plaques and signs. For the security signs it has been used the Verre products, completely made of crystal.

The project involved the creation of all accessories with a mixture of different APIR collections, specifically the Frieda collection and the Nora collection.

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