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Buzzi & Buzzi, advanced indoor and outdoor lighting solutions

9 November 2020

The Buzzi & Buzzi range of indoor and outdoor lighting products is completely revolutionized and enriched by new lighting systems. The brand thus confirms constant attention to R&D and aesthetics, keystones of their philosophy of light. The launch of the renewed catalogue is indeed one of the news that will feature the year.

It follows the motto “The light that purifies the air”: a clear link to AirCoral®, their registered exclusive material for lighting. In this particular historical moment, Buzzi&Buzzi has decided to focus on the material used for the finishing of several light products, which guarantees air purification concretely acting in terms of well-being and hygiene. In addition to technical performance, Buzzi&Buzzi’s designed concept of light takes particular attention to people.



Slice C is a ceiling-mounted luminaire featured by its minimal design. With a 150 x 150 mm square base and a total height of 60 mm only, it allows installations on every support. With a white painted aluminium body and AirCoral® front panel, it maintains all the features of its fully retractable version. The LED optic can emit 800 lumens, allowing simplified maintenance thanks to the possibility of removal and replacement of the electrical part from the front side only, minimizing any post-installation interventions. Unlike its recessed version, Slice ceiling allows installing the driver on board.

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