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C.&G. Ferramenta: company vision and mission

15 March 2023



Vision: customers at the centre of the project, satisfying them with innovative proposals.

Mission: satisfy the customers’ most varied requests, following them step by step from the feasibility study to the completion of the work

The experience and close attention to the needs of each customer allows C&G to offer multiple personalized packaging and supply services. The company has constantly evolved, becoming one of the main points of reference in the sector of small parts for furniture, with 5 owned factories close to each other, on a total area of about 6,000 square meters.




C&G has 13 different lines, the latest 3 equipped with hoppers having independent weighing baskets for each container for packing small parts and desired materials in sealed and pre-printed bags, with the references and codes required by the Client. Each line is independent and uses 1 to 20 counting groups to ensure flexibility and speed for every production requirement. Specific electronic scales at the end of all lines guarantee the homogeneity of the packs before they pass to quality control, entrusted to a defined department.

The last machine purchased for packing in multi-pocket bags has 20 baskets and extends over 21 metres. It can modulate bags with 16 individual “pockets” to significantly simplify the procedures for the end user to assemble the components.


The importance of the territory

The second great value for C.&G. Ferramenta is the territory, a precious gift that deserves respect and care. Deeply tied to the land where it was born, the company has developed full respect for nature and the surrounding landscape. But C.&G. Ferramenta’s commitment to the environment does not end there. The company strongly believes in renewable energies because our gaze turns towards distant horizons and whatever is renewable will never end.

And with the aim of achieving higher concrete environmental sustainability day after day, C.&G. Ferramenta has invested in plastic materials, such as bag kits, that are 30% recycled and biodegradable.



  • 5 factories on a total of 6,000 sqm
  • 13 packaging lines
  • 1,200,000 packs per month
  • 100,000 boxes per month
  • 60 employees

The manual packaging department equipped with a PC on each individual workstation and the connection to the customer PLC for real-time data transfer of daily requirement fulfilment, are further proofs of C.&G. Ferramenta’s production capacity and truly accurate service.




Dedicated electronic scales placed at the end of all lines also ensure package homogeneity before they go to quality control, entrusted to a specific department. In addition to packaging in sealed and printed envelopes, the materials can be boxed in containers of different sizes and grouped on pallets ready for shipment according to customers’ needs.

All that without forgetting the software for programming and using bar codes for advancing manufactured items, guaranteeing product non-conformity levels lower than 1%.




Finally, the materials are sorted and arranged in two large warehouses to guarantee rapid supplies and shipments and quickly manage any order, offering the customer max quality and reliable supplies. The experience and the close attention to the customer’s needs allow C&G to offer multiple customized packaging and supply services.

The continuous search for improvement together with the quality of the products and packaging lines, allows C&G to establish relationships for a long-lasting partnership with all its customers. Long-lasting relationships that are based on the importance of the main values of C.&G. Ferramenta that are represented by the people and the territory. The Marche-based company has always invested in people and believes in individual merit within teamwork: continuous training, development of skills and an internal culture made up of sharing objectives and goals are fundamental incentives that allow you to be part of a project and contemporarily as a real family.

And as in every large family, everyone contributes at their best.

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