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CHET-B, design Francesco Lucchese for Martinelli Luce

17 June 2024

The cone of a trumpet and its light which recalls the atmosphere of jazz clubs


Thanks to the conical trumpet in painted metal that acts as a reflector for the integrated LED light source, Chet-B by Martinelli Luce combines functionality and aesthetics to create a relaxing atmosphere. Light is reflected and diffused at the same time indirectly towards the ceiling and directly downwards, thanks to the conical shape of the metal element. The lamp therefore creates a soft illumination on the one hand, and a sharper, more clearly defined one on the other.

The product was inspired by the shared passion of designer Francesco Lucchese and Marco Ghilarducci, CEO of Martinelli Luce, for jazz, in particular for the famous trumpeter, Chet Baker. This is reflected not only in the name, Chet-B, but also in the design of the lamp, whose shape evokes the cone of a trumpet, and in the light it emanates, which recalls the atmosphere of jazz clubs.

“Firstly, I imagined a completely dark space and a light effect that could be both functional and relaxing. The reference is to a spatial scenography with light arising from a point and like a vortex spreading out into space”. Francesco Lucchese


Martinelli Luce

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