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Chic and the continuous evolution in the coating paper furniture branch

11 October 2023

During the years, the task of the company has been to introduce always new articles giving flexibility and variety of products to the customers


Chic was founded in 1991 from the intuition of Annibale Tontini of replacing the post painted profile with the profile coated with painted paper. The aim is to propose new products studied in depth in order to solve or, at least, minimise problems about the painting and the paper application on panels and profiles. The company can produce any decorative paper on papers of different grammages, starting from lots of 150sqm, customizing the finishes and keeping the quality high.


Watchword: flexibility

Starting with the study of the Customer’s sample, the company can propose raw papers printed using rotogravure printing plants, fixing colour and finish – in fact there are both flex impregnation and painting and lacquering plants for preimpregnated papers – or can create papers with the digital printing technology. Furthermore, it is also possible to laminate papers with different kind of materials and in different grammages. The cutting and unwinding services are also important in order to have more workable lots. All these processings ensure that the range of products for the Customers is wider and suitable for their requests. This is one of the keypoints of the company, also proved by the possibility to propose low quantities, but always being competitive on bigger lots.


The production process

The company can use different kinds of paints: polyurethanic, UV, water-based and acrylic. This allows to also customize the technical specifications of the product depending on the application field. Beyond papers, it is also possible to paint on plastic materials, such as PVC, PET and alkorcell.

Articles of different thicknesses are proposed, from 80gsm to 150gsm, typically indicated for the doors branch, but it is possible to reach very bigger thicknesses thanks to various kinds of supports which the company is able to apply (non-woven scrim, paper, plastic materials). It is also possible to offer products with different finishes: supermatt, high gloss, embossed, and some wood-effect finishes and the brand-new Space finish. The first three listed are made during the painting process, instead the last ones are impressed on the papers.

Since the beginning of this year, the introduction of a digital printing machine has allowed the company to improve their flexibility further; in fact, this machine allows the reproduction of any decorative article through the scan of the reference samples and giving the chance to the Customers to have even smaller quantities than the classic articles.



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