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Combina System: the versatile lighting fixture system

9 November 2020

A very special L&L Luce&Light system is about to be launched on the international lighting market: the company presents Combina System, a range of lighting fixtures that features interchangeable elements. It’s a fast, pragmatic solution to the architectural and aesthetic lighting requirements for indoor spaces, given that these very often undergo adjustments and changes in rapid succession and with tight deadlines.

With the new system, the type of fixture can be changed even after installation, thanks to its unique, multipurpose cutout hole. It can take different types of products, from a suspended fixture to a downlight, and from a ceiling-mounted fixture or an extractable recessed fixture to a speaker or an air purifier. The first application, already available on the market, is the downlight version, COMBINA D. This comes in four sizes, each with a different wattage (6W, 11W, 15W, 29W), and the first step in customizing its assembly is to choose either a fixed or adjustable body. This is installed using a retaining bezel that itself can be either round or square, and flush or rebated. The practical connecting system on the cover means you can customize both the look and the shape: this can be square or circular and have different depths. The lighting effects can be changed at any time by the addition of optical filters (elliptical, diffuse and honeycomb louvre).

The colour temperature starts at a minimum of 2700K, corresponding to a warm white, then 3000K and finally 4000K, a cooler natural white. The LED light sources used have a high colour rendering index, CRI >97, which means optimum fidelity in the colours of the objects being lit, ensuring that they are shown in the best possible light – something that is particularly important in museums and the retail sector. The flat and shallow covers combined with deep-set optics produce a light output that provides high visual comfort with a UGR (Unified Glare Rating) value of <13. This feature makes the system perfect for lighting offices and work areas. The available finishes are white, black, antique bronze and primer. With the latter, the cover can be finished in the same paint as the ceiling, so that the fixture blends into the background. This, combined with the product’s versatility, means that repainting the walls, in a showroom for example, will be quicker and easier than ever before. Rather than possibly having to strip the paint off the fixture, customers can simply reorder the cover alone and repaint it.

L&L has made available an ingenious method of visualising customized solutions by providing a configurator online, where architects can transform their ideas into a rendering that takes shape as they specify their design needs.


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