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Domus Line and the new generation of flexible LEDs

10 December 2020

A versatile flexible LEDs, able to adapt to the furniture shapes and spaces they illuminate


Domus Line presents FLEXYLED AT6, a linear LED module made with a new casing technology with diffused silicones, ideal for recessed or surface installation or on surfaces requiring a radius of curvature. The profile curvature, parallel to the installation surface, allows FLEXYLED AT6 to be used as a perimeter luminaire in different furnishing compositions, guaranteeing a uniform projection beam thanks to the profile’s opalescent finish.



FLEXYLED AT6 is made using a new casing technology with opalescent diffusing silicones that eliminates the characteristic dotting effect of the light emitting diodes, creating a homogeneous, natural projection of light.



FLEXYLED AT6 offers excellent illuminating performances and is ideal for installation along the edges of furniture, behind the head boards of beds and in all compositions requiring a minimal, flexible lighting system.



FLEXYLED AT6 is available in three pre-wired modules (200, 300 and 600cm) with double power cable. FLEXYLED AT6 can be divided every 21.7mm and the double power cable configuration allows the cut part of any of the original modules to be recovered. In this way scenarios can be created in small spaces, without wasting the unused part of the profile.



FLEXYLED AT6 has a high-seal 3M© adhesive base and can be used for both surface and recessed installation. For recessed installation, simply press the soft profile into the groove, while the adhesive base gives the profile added adherence. Surface installation can be done in two ways: using the 3M© adhesive base or fixing the profile with the hooks and fixing screws supplied.



FLEXYLED AT6 is protected from splashes.

The IP44 protection refers only to the luminaire and not to the connection system.

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