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Ego smart updates: new features for the home gateway app

17 December 2023

The latest release of the app belonging to the ChoruSmart ecosystem allows the user to configure new settings and commands on the smart plate and the connected devices for a great user-friendly experience


Ego Smart is the latest generation GEWISS plate for functional and interactive control of all smart devices and sensors in the home. Its functions can be programmed and managed remotely, simply, and intuitively through the Home Gateway app, thanks to modern graphics and customized commands for each object to display and operate. Thanks to the latest release, the app allows the users to configure new settings and controls on the plate and connected devices for an even more user-friendly experience.

Among the new features is the function for sending reminder messages or customizing the text, colour and duration of both the scenario and the message on the plate, which can be associated with the different types of sensors, such as air quality or gas. The plate LED backlighting colour range has also been renewed, enriching it with the Ice White colour. The app’s new version also makes it possible to send all event and alarm reports via e-mail, and the integration with the IFTTT platform also allows the management of third-party components, such as appliances and splits.

EGO Smart is the plate belonging to ChoruSmart by GEWISS, a range of connected and versatile solutions and systems designed to simplify every function in the home. With clean and compact lines, EGO Smart combines style, practical information, comfort and automation for an amplified living experience. With EGO Smart, the plate evolves and becomes a functional and interactive element in constant dialogue with the smart devices and sensors in the home. As seductive as a traditional GEWISS plate, EGO Smart adds an integrated dynamic graphic display through which text messages and icons flow the change shape to indicate the different activated commands. A perimeter LED lighting system also enhances the shape of the plate, signalling any alert messages with different colours.

Through the integrated display, EGO Smart can provide immediate information on the status of the system and the functions of the installed controls, including monitoring data (welcome and goodbye scenarios, lights and windows status), comfort (stand-by display of temperature and time), safety (reporting of water leaks, smoke and gas detection, exceeding humidity levels) and sustainability (exceeding consumption thresholds and load status) for more efficient home management and a better quality of life. With its elegant and compact design, EGO Smart becomes a source of inspiration for those who want to customize their home with innovative furnishing elements.

A slightly curved surface and reduced thickness towards the edges convey balance and essentiality. The opal profiles on the inside of the plate, which diffuse the LED light, add a sober element of identity. Every detail of EGO Smart ensures seduction, personality and clarity of reading. Made of technopolymer, EGO Smart is available in 3 and 4-seater rectangular shapes and in 2-seater square shapes for international standards. The three different colour lines (light, neutral and dark shades) for a palette of 12 colours with a satin finish allow them to perfectly match with the other devices in the ChoruSmart ecosystem and integrate harmoniously with the style of contemporary living. EGO Smart, together with the new axial-operated controls, allows the users to manage all the home functions while giving a refined and modern style. In addition to the original one, the new control tool can add further functions without requiring additional installation space, thanks to the exclusive SHIFT mode of the EGO Smart plate.

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