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Elettroplastica – for 50 years, quality and passion for lighting components

29 April 2023

Elettroplastica was founded in 1976 as a commercial company for the lighting and furniture industry. The experience and professionalism of the founder, Graziano Bettocchi, and the constant dedication of valid collaborators have allowed the company seated in Marcon (Venice, Italy) to become a point of reference, for the quality of the components and the extent of the service, for all customers operating in the sector.

Elettroplastica uses a large warehouse where you to find – in prompt delivery – a wide range of items, from small metal parts, also produced following customer drawings, small plastic parts, glasses, castings and electrical parts such as cables, lamp holders and light bulbs, not forgetting components aimed at the world of LEDs. The constant technological improvement and the search for innovative solutions are the choices of a well-known and appreciated company in the Lighting market, which carries out intense research and development activity to be always up to date on new technologies and new demands of an evolving market.

And right because of that, Elettroplastica has recently obtained the UL mark and internally produces special wiring and assemblies in order to increase the quality of the service offered to an increasingly demanding and professional clientele. Furthermore, for Elettroplastica, ethical behaviour in conducting business and respect for people – employees, subcontractors or suppliers – are indispensable conditions for productive and commercial success and fundamental tools for fruitful brand promotion. This aspect now represents primary and essential value for any ethically responsible company.

The company is also UL Wiring Harness certified, so it has the possibility to provide standard cabling for the American market. In recent years the lighting industry is continuously changing, mainly due to the technological revolution of the sources. Elettroplastica has anyway been able to follow its customers’ needs by introducing electronic products in its catalogue. This is by entering into commercial agreements with specialized companies such as KGP Electronics (drivers) and C-Led (LED modules), agreements that have allowed the company seated in Marcon to continue its growth on the Italian and international markets.

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