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Entity Elettronica back to Germany

3 March 2023

Entity Elettronica is configured as the ideal partner, a real point of reference, in the field of manufacturers of lighting equipment recognized both at national and European level. After L+B, it presented itself for the second time at Euroshop Düsseldorf, the triennial international trade fair dedicated to the world of Retail. The strong point is the proposal of a wide range of technologically advanced products for the world of track lighting.



MULTIDRIVER48 is the ideal solution for low voltage tracks by A.A.G. Stucchi Multisystem and Evolution with DALI-2, 0-10V, 1-10V, on/off, Bluetooth (Casambi), DT8 dynamic white, dim to warm versions with one or two constant current or constant voltage outputs. As well as MICRODRIVER48, which instead marries the characteristics of the low voltage track by A.A.G. Stucchi MICRO, revolutionary for its miniaturized dimensions that open up infinite design possibilities, leaving margins of design freedom to lighting designers and finished product companies.

Both of them are equipped with excellent technological features: operating range from 1V to 43V, management of currents from 100mA to 1A in 50mA steps, wide dimming range 0%-100% and flicker free, integration of extra circuitry to guarantee maximum precision of the output current (+/- 1.5%), with some specific strengths affecting fields such as that of protection against voltage peaks and overloads as well as thermal protection. Equipped with “Hot swap” technology, a term which indicates the possibility of “hot” disconnecting the various devices, thus facilitating the reconfiguration of the system along the track.

CE, UL certified products and DALI2 certified DALI versions. MULTIDRIVER48 and MICRODRIVER48 product ranges are completed with various CASAMBI devices and specific interfaces for controlling the track lamps, opto-isolators to ensure compliance with the SELV regulations of your systems, DALI push controls.


CORELED: “All you need to do is dress up your lamp”

With a view to an increasingly integrated offer, the further novelty presented in Frankfurt is CORELED, covered by a patent: an innovative LED module complete with DALI driver, heatsink, LED and lens, completely wired.

A finished solution around which you can design your own lamp or lighting solution. The time previously needed to search for the various components can be now dedicated to enhancing customer creativity. The small size offers the opportunity to create miniaturized designs, while assembly times and costs are significantly reduced. Thanks to a dedicated adapter, CORELED is also ideal for inserting custom-made spotlights on the curves of the Micro tracks.


PHANTOM DIM for dimming track luminaires

Last October, on the occasion of the Light Building in Frankfurt, to further enhance the versatility of MICRODRIVER48 – a complete range of products with on/off, DALI and Bluetooth versions – Entity Elettronica presented PHANTOM DIM. A proprietary system consisting of an interface 0-10V, 1-10V, push, potentiometer and related drivers for dimming, in broadcast, of lighting fixtures on low voltage MICRO® tracks by A.A.G. Stucchi. In addition, to make it possible to control MICRO® tracks with 0-10V 1-10V protocol, the system acts as electrical insulation (SELV) in compliance with UL-standards.


Entity Elettronica put down its roots more than 30 years ago and since then has been working to collect and grow the ideas of its customers by combining two sides of the same coin: that of industrial electronics combined with the development of increasingly innovative LED solutions.


Entity Elettronica

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