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ESSETRE, accessories and complements for kitchens

13 October 2023

ESSETRE confirms its presence this year at SICAM (Hall 10 – Stand B11) to show all the news of its large production


In twenty years of history, ESSETRE has designed high-quality, functional and aesthetically elegant accessories to enhance high-end kitchens. The company’s general catalogue currently shows 14 product lines dedicated to all the spaces in the kitchen: drawers, baskets, cabinets, sink bases, kitchen tops, and under-cabinet areas. In Pordenone, it will be possible to see and touch a selection of items that represent all product lines, bearing in mind that variants, finishes and models available are countless. Cutlery trays for drawers and modules for baskets are available in several materials, such as solid wood, stainless steel, and plastic. Each model is available in further variations and finishes to match the style of the target kitchen.

The EFFE8 line represents the latest generation of modular accessories for drawers and baskets designed by ESSETRE technical staff. A unique line with an elegant character thanks to the shine of steel combined with the dark colour of the wood that creates an aesthetic impacting contrast. Instead, bins for separate waste collection are proposed for all kitchen applications. For sink bases with doors, free-standing waste bins equipped with full extension containers and soft closing. The sink base with baskets is also available with different models of SINK-DRAWER line waste bins, spacious and complete with lids having activated carbon odour-control devices. The TECCO line of waste bins presents a wide range of large containers designed both for bases with doors and for under-sink baskets. The dustbin has a single large container to which one can add one or more dividers to organize the internal space in several compartments and manage separate waste collection. Even the space between the base and wall unit has a dedicated line consisting of bars that can be equipped with hooks and helpful tools for preparation. To these are added painted metal under-cabinet modules equipped with LED lighting to contain spices, jars and utensils.

But the real protagonist of the ESSETRE catalogue is the wide range of stainless-steel accessories for WORK-STATION cabinets. Cabinets are increasingly indispensable in kitchens. Ideal as pantries, they can contain tools and appliances and conceal high-performance operating zones. Wardrobe accessories are designed to be inserted into interior spaces without interfering with the bulk of hinges and other structural elements. By opening the doors, everything becomes easily accessible and highly functional. At the same time, closing them, one gets a clean, essential kitchen environment, perfectly integrated with the rest of the furniture.

ESSETRE offers a complete set-up program for wardrobes, consisting of stainless-steel compositions and elements designed for maximum functionality of interior spaces. A wide range of accessories, such as shelves, extendable tops that come out with a simple gesture from the cabinets, fixed or removable bottle holders, and panels equipped with essential tools for food preparation. Goblet shelves, pull-out shelves, stainless steel drawers available in different heights, electric bars equipped with Shuko and USB sockets. They can be combined together to create customized pantries and operating areas. The AISI 304 SB stainless steel, further protecting the internal surfaces of the cabinet and simplifying cleaning, gives the composition impressive aesthetic impact, even at sight. If combined, all the accessories and operating blocks complete the kitchen preparation inside the cabinets, and at the end of each use, minimalist and essential design leaves room for the rigour and shine of stainless steel.

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