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Fan Europe Lighting expands in Milan, doors open during the Design Week

12 April 2024

An epochal step towards strengthening its presence on the lighting market with the opening of the new headquarters in Cornaredo (MI)

Fan Europe Lighting
is taking an epochal step towards strengthening its presence on the lighting market with the opening of the new headquarters in Cornaredo (MI), a strategic move that adds to the consolidated operations center of Nola and that marks a crucial turning point in the history of the company. This decision reflects the constant commitment of Fan Europe to improve its services and expand its reach, positioning itself in a strategic way to serve customers not only in Italy but also in Europe. The new headquarters in Cornaredo is much more than just a distribution point: it is a center of excellence designed to optimize all business operations, from logistics to product presentation, offering a cutting-edge environment that reflects the highest standards of the lighting industry.

With a modern and attractive showroom, functional offices and state-of-the-art logistics facilities, Fan Europe is ready to offer impeccable service to its customers, anticipating and satisfying their needs efficiently and effectively.

During the Milan Design Week the Milan headquarters of Fan Europe will open its doors for 5 days of Open Days: will be an opportunity for industry professionals to discover the latest news in lighting sector and explore the possibilities of collaboration with a brand renowned for innovation and the quality of its products. During the days of the Salone del Mobile, reserved for Business To Business users, visitors will have the opportunity to book an appointment at the headquarters of Cornaredo, located in Via Monzoro 46, from 15 to 19 April. Here they can immerse themselves in a unique experience, exploring new products, meeting the Fan Europe team and discussing possible business partnerships in a professional and welcoming environment.

The new headquarters in Milan thus becomes not only a distribution point, but a real center of innovation and sharing for all those operating in the world of lighting and design. It offers a place where ideas can flow freely, where creativity can flourish and where collaborations can be born and develop, creating value for the entire industry.

There will also be a moment dedicated especially to architects and interior designers: Thursday, April 18 from 18:00 to 19:00 will take place the event “Design in Light and Taste”, a fascinating combination of innovative design and delicious tasting, that will allow participants to explore the creative universe of Fan Europe Lighting through a showroom specially set up at the showroom in Cornaredo. Lighting will be the protagonist, guiding visitors on a sensory journey in which each lamp becomes the interpreter of a unique flavor. Participants will have the opportunity to explore our latest collections, each carefully matched to a food or drink that enhances the aesthetic and functional characteristics. The tasting path is carefully designed to satisfy the palate and stimulate creativity.

The event is free, but the number of seats is limited. We invite you to book your space in advance to ensure your participation in this extraordinary synergy between lighting design and gastronomic delight during the prestigious Milan Design Week.

To book a business appointment during the Open Days and find out more about Fan Europe Lighting and its proposals or to participate in Design in Luce e Gusto, simply send an email to The team will be happy to answer all the questions and to assist customers in exploring all the opportunities offered by the new headquarters in Cornaredo and to illustrate how to book an appointment during the Open Days.

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