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For the Living area, it is necessary to choose functional lighting suitable for the different activities

20 February 2024

Certainly, explains EGOLUCE, it is one of the most complex rooms in the house to illuminate as it is a versatile space intended for various activities


According to EGOLUCE, the living area is one of the most complex rooms in the home to illuminate because it is a versatile space intended for various activities. Light sources play a relevant role in creating a balanced and welcoming environment. It has to be studied in detail, considering the usage of that particular space, therefore choosing a lighting scheme that is functional and suitable for multiple activities. Natural light is the first protagonist of the living area. It has to be complemented by designed lighting in line with the furniture and the whole environment.

To arrange lighting in a living room the first step is precisely to measure it. In small square footage single light points – such as a pendant lamp or a large chandelier – may be sufficient. The pendant becomes the central point of the room, a light that is not only functional and can provide the most of the light but also an element with a strong aesthetic impact that connects with the style of the room. The size of the lamp should be proportionate to the square footage of the room and integrate with other different and functional light points, such as floor lamps or table lamps near sofas or armchairs for reading or near the TV area.

In large or open-plan rooms, in addition to pendant lamps and functional lights, it is fundamental to emphasize the different areas, from the sofa to the dining table to the bookcase, by choosing an effect lighting that complements the style and tone of the room. In this case, good ambient lighting comes through recessed spotlights arranged in a regular pattern on the ceiling or using an appropriate number of wall sconces to add style to the living room and create fascinating lighting effects.

Wall sconces are a versatile solution that provides a practicable alternative to pendant lights to avoid the perception of reduced space when the living room ceiling is not very high. Spotlights or recessed lights can be used as accent lights to highlight a painting or display case or enhance the details of a wall covering. The use of dimmable lights in the living area also allows us to vary the light from dim and intimate to intense and formal depending on the atmosphere we wish to create at a specific moment, thus adapting the LED lighting to the different needs of space use.



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