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GIADA SYSTEM, the lighting home automation system at the Salone del Mobile 2023

30 June 2023

Giada System, a wireless home automation lighting system developed by Cobofra Group which aids the control and management of light sources, has been presented at Euroluce 2023, at the 61st edition of the Salone del Mobile. Giada System was designed to aid project designers to meet the market need to control and handle light sources in completely autonomous manner. At Euroluce have been numerous occasions to test and see the new Giada System technology being directly applied to products and systems. Specialised personnel, new catalogues, ledwalls and graphic designs were at disposal to comprehend the various functionalities of this new and innovative technology.


What makes Giada System one of the best systems on the market?

The system allows to control any light via a designated board, whereas the project designer and the end-user can intervene on each light source both to create new scenarios and for the maintenance of the system. This management allows the user constant and full control on the efficiency of the lighting system and the general home automation, making it easier to intervene on the system, should any replacement or maintenance be needed, without the need to shut it down entirely. Furthermore, a single piece of technology available on any smartphone or smartwatch, with a simple and intuitive interface can control light sources, home and retail illumination.

Giada System operates via Wi-Fi, which is faster than a Bluetooth network, with the latter used only in the early stages of the system configuration. The great advantage of a Wi-Fi controlled system is the possibility to manage the light sources in a direct manner, not only from the designated app, but through other devices such as Google Home and Amazon Echo. Furthermore, the use of a Wi-Fi system guarantees full control via commands and remote programs through the home router, without any need for an additional gateway.


What was new at the fair?

Certainly, the new memory setting of the sceneries via the app. A very important extension, as it allows to recall the sceneries used in the past at any given moment, without the need to re-set the characteristics and send inputs to all the individual lamps. This results in greater comfort and saving of time. Another possibility is the programming of the scenery via web server, in order to plan and organize the various options that Giada System provides for each lamp. This programming allows the setting of your favourite timeline day by day or for future days, both with daily and periodical settings. Last but not least, the motion sensor connected via cable enables the automatic activation of any source of light each time a movement or someone’s presence is sensed.

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