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Giada System, the new domotics lighting system for designers

1 February 2023

Born from a thirty-year experience of technicians and operators in the lighting sector, the new wireless lighting system by Giada System meets the needs of the designers and market demand for autonomously controlling and managing the light spots. With the intent not only to illuminate but also to decorate spaces with different parameters through increasingly advanced technologies. Giada System allows the creativity of designers and architects to run free in the design of domestic and retail spaces, always with new and different ideas.

Widespread and used worldwide, LED devices can now leap quality thanks to the new Giada System technology. An innovative tool that optimizes the light functions via wireless network, from switching on to adjusting the colour up to the creation of scenarios in different rooms of the home or retail spaces via a mobile App, downloadable for IOS and Android, or voice commands Amazon and Google. Unlike other systems, Giada System uses mesh networks with BT and Wi-Fi. Giada System was developed based on intuition on the complete electronic control of home automation and light. The goal was to manage light scenes and domestic or retail environments with a single technology within reach of a smartphone or smartwatch and with a simple, intuitive interface.

Giada System operates in Wi-Fi, faster than a Bluetooth network, the latter used only in the system configuration phases. The great advantage of control via Wi-Fi is that you can manage the lights more directly through a dedicated App and other devices such as Google Home or Amazon Echo. Besides, Wi-Fi technology guarantees control via remote commands and programs – only via the home router – without any additional gateway. The system allows controlling each light point via a dedicated card, while the designer or end user can intervene point-by-point to create new scenes or for maintenance.

This management also allows constant control over the lighting system’s efficiency and general home automation, facilitating any replacement or maintenance without switching off the entire system. The new system’s potential also finds its most effective application in the retail sector where, when the season or colours change, it is possible to intervene and modify the image of the boutique or large-scale distribution point with just a few touches. Thanks to the possibility of control with a smartwatch, the store manager can create new settings, showcases and customized exhibitions for the single product or item on display with extreme speed and precision.

Giada System is highly collaborative and responsive on any iOS or Android device. Each board/device is associated with an on/off button and dimmer to choose the right lighting level for every single element. The dedicated App makes it possible to operate in different environments independently, creating differentiated scenarios for the collection or goods on display, as well as in the home, where it is possible to change the lighting scene in every room of the house and according to the activity carried out.

A highly intuitive App divided into three sections: colour management, dimming and weekly programming, and it is also available in English.


Giada System

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