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Giada System: the wireless universe connected to Wi-Fi

23 November 2020

Why Wi-Fi

Many potential wireless communication technologies can be developed in the world of lighting; so why did Giada System embrace Wi-Fi technology?

Giada System’s choice in terms of home automation lighting technologies is to offer the users the possibility of having wireless access to their lighting devices via tablet, smartphone, watch or PC, using safe, reliable, certain and widespread technology. Few limits for size and distances, without having to install any interfaces and/or home automation control device, which would make even the simplest system difficult.

According to Wikipedia, the Wi-Fi network proper definition is: a telecommunications network, possibly interconnected with the Internet, conceptually comparable to a mobile coverage network in local small-scale with radio transceiver devices such as access points (present in any router) to replace the traditional radio-base stations in mobile radio networks (client-server architecture model).

More simply, Wi-Fi is a communication protocol allowing the wireless connection of the devices to a router; in this way, they can be connected and potentially access the network. They receive an IP address that makes them recognizable and different by specific applications, while the controls and functions directed to the devices are sorted by the router itself.

The following are just some reasons why Giada System’s technicians decided to embrace Wi-Fi:

  • Transmission speed and bandwidth, a large amount of synchronized data and a guarantee on the transmitted commands.
  • Possibility of connecting from different devices (each smartphone or tablet logged in the network can control the system at the same time)
  • Greater capacity and range of connection activities in the, compared to other technologies
  • Mesh connection structure among the connected devices allowing a guaranteed connecting network
  • Use with the most common home or professional routers/access points, without interface gateway or programming
  • Multi-root functioning, expanding the system range, with the possibility of multiple simultaneous mesh networks, physically detached but belonging to the same system
  • Internet, 3G or 4G remote use, control and programming of the system
  • Direct interface with the most popular home automation devices (Google Home, Amazon Alexa, etc.) using voice control
  • Opening apps on Apple devices via voice request to Siri (Hey Siri, open Giada Plus)
  • Use of the most common and widespread transmission frequencies, thus the most tested, both for domestic and for industrial use

These are some of the subjects making Giada System attractive both for families who want to use voice controls and comfortable light management from their sofa or for the companies that choose to manage their lighting systems using wireless programs, with energy savings and planning skipping the daily management. An increasingly widespread and appreciated system with automatic functions to make the lighting systems easier.

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