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Gianfranco Rollo

27 June 2024

FRA TAC by Martinelli Luce


Fra Tac is a modular reflected-light lamp by Martinelli Luce, easy to use and extremely versatile.

The painted aluminium modules can be easily combined thanks to a magnet system, to give rise to different compositions; moreover, their intended use – hanging, floor or wall – can be changed simply by changing the support. Three lamps in one, indeed more, to furnish the most diverse environments, both residential and for contract use. The integrated LED light source allows for a soft, discreet and subtle luminosity, and the lamp is also very lightweight, as each module weighs only 150 grams.

Easy to install and move, playful, fun: this is the soul of Fra Tac, a lamp that becomes “your” light; you can compose it in an instant and change it at any time thanks to the magnetic connections. The name of the product is the result of a dual play on words: “Tac” recalls the sound the modules make when they attach to each other; “Fra”, on the other hand, is an abbreviation of “frate”, (Italian for “friar”) in homage to the designer who created it, frate Gianfranco Rollo.

“I met Emiliana Martinelli, president of Martinelli Luce, before entering the convent, during a period of relentless research. The company philosophy and family history fascinated me and prompted me to present my thesis project to her; the event was not followed up, as I was now focused on my imminent future. After entering the convent, I put product design aside for a while, and five years after the first meeting, with the agreement of the community of friars, I contacted the company again, presented a new product and told my story to Emiliana, who was enthusiastic and asked me to look at the project together. I talked about it with Marco Ghilarducci, Emiliana’s son and CEO of the company and after subsequent meetings and continuous developments… here is Fra Tac”. Gianfranco Rollo


Martinelli Luce

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