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GRASS is everything except ordinary

7 May 2023

New products to inspire creative ideas


At GRASS excellent motion design means developing outstanding product solutions that inspire the best furniture designers in the world to come up with new creative designs.

This can only be achieved with technology that touches the senses“, one of the often used mottos of Harald Klüh Global Brand Manager at GRASS. GRASS does not participate in Interzum 2023, choosing to focus on the showroom inaugurated in 2021 in the Hohenems headquarters, thanks to the feedback obtained from Vionario V8.


Vionario V8

The world’s first 8-millimetre, one-piece steeldrawer side. Breathtakingly beautiful. Monolithically designed for eternity. Vionaro V8 is an immediate example of the charming lightness that can be created with a material like steel. And that same charming lightness turns your drawers into aesthetic design components.

The design principle “reduce to the max” has rarely been implemented as consistently as with Vionaro V8. Here no corner, no edge, no groove is too much. With Vionaro V8, GRASS offers the perfect solution for fitting kitchen, bathroom and living room furniture with the same drawer system.


V8 Endless possibilities

GRASS goal was to develop an innovative drawer system that enables maximum customisation with maximum standardisation. V8 offers the world’s first complete 8-millimetre drawer platform with 5 drawer side heights, 7 colours, one glass drawer, various inset panels and matching steel back panels.

In addition, there are two slide systems, four comfort systems and, with TAVINEA, the perfect interior design to choose from. Instead of glass, you can of course use other design elements in the V8 Crystal drawer side. Wood, aluminium or ceramic, imprinted or not imprinted – with the right inlay, V8 drawers can be perfectly adapted to any style of furniture.


Differentiation made easy

The balanced proportions of the drawer side, inlay and railing make each variant look equally elegant. The special construction of the Crystal drawer side pays dividends in this respect, because the inlay elements can be clamped between the U-profiles of frame and railing without further processing.



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