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How to choose the correct lighting for bedroom, by Egoluce

21 June 2023

Creating the correct lighting for the bedroom is very important to make this space of the house a welcoming and relaxing place. This room does not need intrusive lighting, yet it is handy to create various dimmable lighting points, to control the intensity of light according to need and time of day through a lighting scheme designed by levels.

The first level is ambient lighting which is diffuse and indirect light that broadly illuminates the space and includes both natural light obtained from windows and skylights and artificial lighting created with ceiling lights, ceiling suspensions, or floor lamps. Suspensions placed in the center of the bedroom are scenic solutions, especially if the ceiling is high, and includes models with unique geometries or particular designs. Ceiling lights combined with floor lamps can provide enough diffused light to comfortably enjoy the space during activities that do not require soft or focused lighting.

For ambient lighting, we recommend using a neutral type of color temperature. Next, create a second level with direct lights for focused activities, such as applying makeup or reading. Proper lighting for this type of activity can be accomplished with the use of table lamps. Good placement can be on the bedside table, pendant lights on either side of the bed, wall sconces near the mirror area, wall lights on either side of a headboard, or other focused directional lights when needed. Accent lighting is the third level of lighting for the bedroom that should act as a dimmed version of ambient lighting, giving off a more intimate, subdued light that can create a cozy atmosphere to help you relax without tiring your eyes. In this case, it is best to use indirect light sources, such as recessed spotlights, wall sconces, table and floor lamps, or LED lights hidden in ceiling cuts or placed along the headboard.

Dark corner or next to the armchair in the bedroom, a floor lamp creates a pleasant spot. Accent lights should use a warm color temperature, around 2700/3000K. Other pragmatic elements can be used to illuminate the bedroom, such as spotlights, inserted in special tracks or recessed into the ceiling. Both types constitute true design elements that enrich the room by decorating it and perfecting the relevant style of furniture. They are usually placed at a variable distance from each other and spread light throughout the room.

Egoluce’s last recommendation for the ideal bedroom includes the illumination of a wardrobe. Illuminate it from the inside with recessed built into the structure CRI90 or use recessed light strips.


Magika, light system:- The profile is ideal for insertion under the shelves, in furniture and walk-in closets, or used for grazing lighting, even in plasterboard grooves, or indirectly above perimeter frames or furnishings.

Lancia Tonda:- Table lamp with a diffused light, a body made of extruded calendered aluminum, and a diffuser made of opal polycarbonate. It also features a PUSH dimmer on the cable.

Stick System:- Suspension lamp characterized by a high direct and punctual luminous efficiency with brass body, internal aluminum heat sink, 48-degree optical opening, and 250 cm power cable.

Tiny light system:- The new 24V magnetic track system is small, easy to configure, and perfect for any application. The 24V binary system is complete with a series of accessories that can be ordered separately.



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