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Il Bronzetto: brass and passion

2 December 2022

JACARANDA, the new table lamp, is born from the collaboration with Jacaranda Caracciolo


In the Oltrarno district in Florence, between the ones of San Frediano and Santo Spirito, you can still breathe today the most authentic Florentine artisan tradition spread among gardens, churches and shops of antique dealers and artisans, such as Il Bronzetto. An extraordinary reality that has been producing furniture and lighting accessories in brass and bronze since 1963, combining the traditional passion for “handmade” and a continuous attention to the search for new processes and materials.

A wide range of products ranging from the classic taste of tradition to the younger and more contemporary one, passing through objects with an essential and timeless design, made from the catalog or from the design of architects, designers and individuals. Tailor-made projects that naturally represent the company’s deepest identity, where past and present, experience and innovation meet. Customization starts from the creation of the prototype, made with purely artisan techniques such as wood carving, or thanks to modern technologies such as 3D. Concept, technical drawing, prototype and production are the four steps of the customized service of Bronzetto, called ‘In Bottega’, which provides manufacturing expertise, craftsmanship, technology, customization and high quality. In short, all the spirit of Bronzetto and its extraordinary freedom of expression so typically Florentine.

From here, or rather from a deep and common passion for craftsmanship, the synergy and connection between Bronzetto and Jacaranda Caracciolo Falk is born. Passionate about interiors and grew up surrounded by the allure of tailor-made houses, with particular attention to aesthetics and the quality of the furnishings. For this reason, at the suggestion of the architect Tommaso Ziffer, Jacaranda turns to Bronzetto for the furnishings of a property in Capalbio, Tuscany, fully furnished thanks to a careful search for artisan producers and excellent raw materials. The first encounter with the reality of the Bronzetto takes place in the evocative atelier and artisan workshop (which can be visited by appointment) of the company: a unique source of inspiration, where the gleam of brass and the warmth of bronze merge with original models or objects to collection.

Working metals such as brass&bronze requires particular mastery, a skill that goes beyond the realization of the product itself. Bronzetto knows this well and offers, thanks to its skills and experience, the ability to customize all the products in the catalog, with the ultimate goal of recovering and keeping alive the great Italian tradition of quality craftsmanship. And it is this concept that intrigues Jacaranda, who begins to commission personalized and reworked lamps and furnishing objects among the many noticed in the atelier.

Among these, a lamp produced by Bronzetto for a long-time customer captured her attention, unfortunately it was out of production at the time because the original mold had been lost. A great challenge for both Bronzetto and Jacaranda, when they decided to re-edit the lamp giving it a new life and the name of the exceptional godmother: Jacaranda. After a long and careful feasibility study on color and material, the result was incredible: simplified compared to the initial project, the Jacaranda table lamp is made of blown glass with brass details and base and fabric lampshade.

The glass structure is obtained with the artisan technique of glass blowing inside a mold, usually made of wood or carved metal. In this way, the shape and texture of the glass bubble are determined by the design inside it. In addition to the basic finishes, white and black, which are mixed directly into the glass paste before being blown into the mold, the lamp body can also be customized in other mat colors.

Il Bronzetto offers a wide range of R.A.L. to choose from, obtained by coloring the shape in transparent glass at a later time, through a cooking process at 200 °. The tones chosen by Jacaranda, such as petrol green, for example, are very warm and full, in perfect combination with the brass inserts in the natural finish, which are added later as well as the base with the four spherical feet. From this interesting and stimulating collaboration, a real capsule-collection was born which includes, in addition to the lamps, transportable coffee tables (thanks to a brass handle they are easily transported) and coordinated appliques.


Il Bronzetto

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