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Il Bronzetto is 60 years old!

20 February 2024

A story of artisan tradition, creativity and innovation to give life to exciting works in bronze and brass


In 1963 Il Bronzetto‘s years and years of artisan history began in the heart of the most authentic Florence, the Oltrarno, Italy. In these six decades of work, Bronzetto has continuously tried to carry on the artisanal passion and legacy tradition that embraces creativity and innovation with increasing awareness and attention to give life to works in bronze and brass that evoke emotions and tell unique stories.

These 60 years have progressively seen the emergence of new processing techniques, the development of lasting relationships with artists and designers, and the creation of pieces that remain today as a testimony to the constant commitment to achieving artistic excellence. Today Il Bronzetto has gone beyond the limits of the artisan workshop while maintaining its soul and presents itself as a young company, well focused on the market and able to support architects and designers in achieving their projects. Every project, every detail, every piece created carries with it the imprint of passion, dedication and constant commitment over time.


A history of great projects

The first major project came in 1983 when Bronzetto had the honour of creating lamps for the White House in Washington, an opportunity inspiring the brand’s creativity and commitment to artistic perfection and excellence in craftsmanship. In 1991 Il Bronzetto contributed to the prestigious Palazzo Ducale in Genoa door restoration, underlining the commitment to artistic and architectural heritage preservation. A few years later, in 1995, the company collaborated with Il Borro, Ferragamo‘s renowned Wine Resort: an experience that created the motivation to find a solution that combined the art of bronze with luxury and hospitality.

Another important commission for the Contract sector came in 2010, when Il Bronzetto created the exclusive lighting fixtures for Villa Cora, the luxurious 5-star superior hotel in Florence, gaining experience alongside one of the most refined and luxurious realities worldwide. In 2013, Bronzetto created a custom-made 6-meter-high chandelier for a private residence in Dubai, a project that demonstrated its ability to make large-scale artefacts. In the years 2018-2023, the Bronzetto accompanied the Rocco Forte Hotels group in the restyling of its prestigious accommodation facilities Hotel de la Ville, Hotel de Russie in Rome, Savoy Hotel in Florence, Verdura Resort and Gran Hotel Villa Igea in Sicily, Masseria Torre Maizza in Puglia, The Charles Hotel in Munich and the Donovan bar of Brown’s Hotel in London, providing the customer not only with the products in the catalogue, but also with the ability to create custom-made products. In 2022, the Bronzetto then contributed to the recovery of the splendour and beauty of Villa Passalacqua, the five-star luxury hotel located on the shores of Lake Como, thus marking another chapter in the brand’s production history alongside the structure that won the “The World’s 50 Best Hotels” award.

These are just a few examples of the collaborations and projects that have represented 60 years of activity of the company that on November 29 at Palazzo Vecchio received the recognition of Historical Activity and Florentine Excellence. That recognition underlines Il Bronzetto’s most authentic character and the great value of its activity in the commercial and social fabric of the city. Each of these moments was an opportunity to tell and enhance the beauty of metals and craftsmanship, to celebrate the timeless beauty of this precious material and the company’s commitment and passion. This anniversary represents an opportunity to look to the future with an innovative spirit and to draw new inspirations.

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