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“Inside makes the difference” was last year’s GRASS motto

6 March 2023

Green has been the dominant colour for the many manufacturers who have featured GRASS products in their furniture


During the last edition of the Salone del Mobile, 15 companies exhibited the 8 mm VionaroV8 drawer. Ideas become innovations or trends only when implemented, transmitted to the physical world and presented to a wider audience. The first big result was achieved during the last edition of Design Week, followed by later events in Italy (SICAM and ARCHITECHT@WORK). For GRASS, Milan represented a turning point. Never before have 15 companies exhibited GRASS’ products. Over 50 brands presented “moved by GRASS” kitchens, bathroom or living room furniture.

In Milan it clearly emerged that the importance of functional components has changed“, this is the clear perception of Harald Klüh, “today, differentiation is also provided by what you do not see at first glance “. Inside makes the difference’ was the motto of the hour.


Vionaro V8 catches the eye

During the various appointments scheduled last year, visitors evaluated and tested the movement systems; in particular the new V8 drawer: the Vionaro V8 Slim Drawer System is surprisingly different and immediately catches the eye. Its exceptional look gives every piece of furniture a WOW factor. Smaller, thinner, lighter: “reduce to the max” is the design principle and aspiration for all aspects of Vionaro V8.

The world’s first 8-millimetre, one-piece steel drawer side. Breathtakingly beautiful. Monolithically designed for eternity. Vionaro V8 is an immediate example of the charming lightness that can be created with a material like steel. And that same appealing lightness turns the drawers into aesthetic design components. The design principle “reduce to the max” has rarely been implemented as consistently as with Vionaro V8. Here no corner, no edge, no groove is too much.

With Vionaro V8, GRASS offers the perfect solution for fitting kitchen, bathroom and living room furniture with the same drawer system. The purist, elegant design of Vionaro V8 provides the connecting link for different areas of the home. Kitchen, living room and dining areas start to become less divided. Rooms merge into an ensemble of day and night zones. Mobile communication makes it possible to read emails on the couch, research recipes in the kitchen using an app and browse a digital newspaper at the dining table. Lines have become blurred. In the past, rooms meant separation by architecture; now we distinguish between living and recreation spaces. Modern furniture must allow harmonious integration into such zones. And GRASS’ drawer systems must meet entirely new requirements. Vionaro V8 does this with ease.



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