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Italfeltri: practical solutions

8 September 2023

A complete range of adhesive and non-adhesive items, in plastic, zamak and technical materials, dedicated to the furniture, hardware, housewares, interior design and mechanical applications industries


Italfeltri was born in 1976 and has always tried to refine its skills and perfect the details of each product to offer practical solutions dedicated to the sectors of furniture, hardware, housewares, interior design and mechanical applications. Italfeltri proposes a wide range of adhesive and non-adhesive items in plastic, zamak and technical materials. All items are supplied in industrial packaging, or packaged for large-scale distribution, the 4HoMe line.

The standard production consists of adhesive felt pads, bumper or non-slip rubber pads, slides with screws and nails, plastic or felt tips and feet for floor protection, adhesive and interlocking hole/screw covers, non-slip mats, double-sided adhesive, a wide range of metal and plastic small parts for furniture such as shelf supports, tube supports, wheels, joint systems, rotation systems and solutions for cable ducting.

The company located in Ponte San Nicolò, in the Italian province of Padua, has a production department able to work with different materials such as: felt, rubber, foam, double-sided adhesives, polymers or plastic materials and zamak, also based on customer’s project. Articles and equipment for cutting and moulding are studied and designed thanks to the support of a dedicated technical office and a workshop dedicated to mould production. Thanks to modern and precise cutting technologies, the materials can be shaped into any shape and size, even with the possibility of adhering them with the most suitable adhesives based on the required application.

A passionate work that comes from a continuous search for quality thanks to the use of excellent materials and the best equipment.

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