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Khatod presents the new series of ‘linear’ lenses specifically designed for office and retail lighting

23 April 2023

The new Venus series is realised, with a unique design, in modules of 3 easily splittable optics


Khatod presents the new Venus Series: Linear Optics with a unique design. These lenses have been engineered especially for the best Mid Power LEDs on the market. Venus Optics are distinguished from other standard solutions thanks to their linear design and arranged in modules of 3 optics each, adjustable in size thanks to thinner interruption points in each module.

Made of optical grade PMMA, pitch: 24.58mm – dimensions: 295.05mm x 16.04mm side – 9.50mm height. They are available in various Beam Angle types: Narrow, Medium and in 2 Elliptical options. Besides, the high lighting efficiency and excellent light distribution are guaranteed. Venus can be used individually or configured in multiple parts to create the perfect lighting fixture to meet the required standards.

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