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Libe by Masiero, the simple geometries and the dynamic shape of light

6 April 2022

Dimore Collection, Design by Gianpaolo Rampolla & Andrea Liguori


Libe is a meditation on simple geometries and about the dynamic shape of light: soft rays of the LED framed in the inner part of the diffuser radiate around the structure, emphasizing the decisive silhouette and the beauty of the materials. The Libe diffuser is designed in wood, in the two finishes in natural oak and wenge, or in galvanized metal, while the diffusion of light is amplified by opaque crystal lozenges fixed on a chromed metal structure.

Oval and circular profiles of various diameters for the suspensions, slightly curved and sinuous sections for suspensions and appliques, a perfect circle for the table version are the geometric figures in which the collection is declined. Combined in multiples, putting together elements of different diameters and/or with different finishes, new configurations are obtained , inviting to reflect on movement and capture the light.

The Libe collection is designed to scenically illuminate both residential and contract spaces, such as hotels or offices.



Libe ceiling oval: L. cm 120 x H 8,5 cm x P. cm 40, L. cm   90 x H 8,5 cm x P. cm 30

Libe ceiling line: L. cm 160 x H 16 cm x P. cm 30, L. cm 100 x H 16 cm x P. cm 20

Libe ceiling round: Ø cm 140/115/90/60 x H 8,5 cm

Libe table round: L. cm 40 x H 43 cm x P. cm 30

Libe wall lamp: L. cm 55 x H 8,5 cm x P. cm 8



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