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Like Q by Elesi Luce, the new lamp designed during the lockdown

16 September 2021

Like Q, the new lamp by Elesi Luce, was created in May 2020 as a result of the experience lived during the lockdown, of something never tried before, like isolation and social distance, of the house that becomes a new world. The bedroom turned into an office, the living room into a classroom, the bathroom into a phone booth. Everything has changed, has become dynamic and adaptable.

The new Like Q (Like you/ Q) is the inspiration for a combination of elements: aluminium ductility, glass malleability, light power, and dynamism. It has a simple shape, with no edges, built with noble materials soberly used, like life was in that particular moment. And then the movement. Like Q creates light effects and atmospheres that can change with a touch of the hand, adapting to the situation with a simple gesture. For Elesi Luce, this lamp represents the union in a separation moment. It took shape in April 2020, during the video calls, while sharing the difficulties of that time: ideas began to take over, finally creating Like Q.

The lamp contains important innovation developed by Elesi Luce: the LED-Change System. Elesi Luce sustainably designs lamps that can last in time, can be repaired and reused. Like Q is an integrated LED lamp with a driver included to smoothly and directly replace both the driver and the built-in LED in the installation spot. Replacement bringing many advantages, including increased product life cycle, reduced waste, and rapid assistance. Elesi Luce has always studied and designed products with low environmental impact, considering light as a value of well-being in the name of comfort and believing in the value of craftsmanship in a 4.0 smart organization.

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