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LODES and DIESEL presents Magic Mushroom – a new blown glass table lamp

13 December 2023

Diesel Living with Lodes adds Magic Mushroom, a new, blown glass table lamp that demonstrates beautiful craftsmanship and high quality materials, to its existing collection of versatile lighting. Magic Mushroom takes inspiration from the retro blown glass lamps that were typical of the 1960s. The reinterpretation consists of a steel base that supports a large, blown glass diffuser, in the shape of a ‘mushroom’.

The use of blown glass results in a naturally irregular surface, which holds a fluid, liquid-like appearance. When light is filtered through the transparent glass and projected onto the wall, it creates an optical effect, mimicking water reflecting on a surface. In doing so, the lamp gently illuminates the surrounding space while also instilling calmness. The steel base and power cord are black, while the blown glass diffuser is complete in a crystal-clear finish named Aqua (referring to water). The power cord also features an adjustable dimmer switch. Overall, the lamp measures 38cm in diameter. The contemporary, blown glass diffuser adds a touch of craft to the Diesel Living with Lodes collection.

Thanks to its unexpected surface and clever light projection, Magic Mushroom suits domestic environments, for instance next to a sofa in a living room or on a bedside table, as well as in public settings such as in a hotel lounge.



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