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MACO: produces design furniture-components with simplicity and ease of setup

26 March 2021

When the priority in the development of the furniture manufacturing project is to provide the final aesthetic result with higher emphasis, easy and quick assembly cannot be ignored. It is, therefore, necessary to use precautions, allies of design, even if it comes to hidden elements, thus not visible once done.

Following these design features, MACO – a company located in Desio, Italy and one of the leaders in the production of components and accessories for furniture, has developed the new 0915 inter-wall joints. A construction-detail perfectly fitting any furnishing situation in which covers and closures complete the assembly with a surprising aesthetic result.

A brilliant component, the new 0915, designed to minimize the aesthetic impact. An essential accessory in the development of furniture, available in black and easy to mount: just fix the male and female elements in the recommended position and tighten the most suitable screws for each thickness. Compact, resistant and with precise snap closure. Thanks to a unique special design avoiding breakage and performing the release perpendicularly, MACO inter wall junction also allows an easy opening for service or access to the covering panel. MACO meets the need of interior designers and design-furniture manufacturers with this new essential but indispensable component that makes assembly simple, precise and fast.

0915 by MACO is produced in Italy using certified and guaranteed raw materials in compliance with the Made in Italy philosophy, a very appreciated feature in the sophisticated and demanding world of furniture.



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