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MACO: today we build the future

11 October 2021

MACO is an Italian manufacturer of furniture fittings. A company thinking, designing, investing and working everyday as a furniture company, for furniture companies and for the future of the Furniture.

Yes, because successful products can be manufactured only if you are able to anticipate the market requirements as fast and easy as possible. That is why since 1955 MACO has been the reliable partner for all Italian and International furniture manufacturers. That is why MACO is a point of reference for any furniture designer. That is why MACO is a worldwide leader with innovative and traditional solutions paying attention to aesthetic and Made in Italy quality. That is why MACO has been chosen by all companies which aim to an excellent customer care.

Push-latches, Magnetic catches, Castors, Furniture fittings, Small fittings and Special items for all requirements of the furniture companies and other new items like the M-PUSH, the anti-tilt shelf support and the inter-wall junction. MACO will bring all this range to SICAM in Pordenone to confirm its constant and coherent presence which has been awarded by the trust of many clients.

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