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Milano Manzoni 38

5 July 2024

Over 200 square meters, distributed over two levels, in the heart of Milan. It is the new space in which Davide Groppi turns on his light


Milano Manzoni 38 is another milestone after New York, Seoul, Porto, Mallorca, Piacenza, Parma, Bologna, Verona. Places where Davide Groppi tells a story in which light is the protagonist: creations made of ingenuity and imagination, passion, and organization. Davide Groppi began designing and producing lamps with the brand of the same name at the end of the 1980s. A brand today synonymous with projects which, in their complexity, have never forgotten that they must always represent simplicity, lightness, emotion, invention and amazement. Products that are created to give shape to a need or a meaning.

Now, with Milano Manzoni 38, all this finds an even more coherent space. Designed with the 967arch studio, Milano Manzoni 38 welcomes the light of Davide Groppi and makes it come alive, vibrate, and communicate with the environments and furnishing complements. It is a space open to all, where the eyes are lost in amazement in the subtle balance of light and shadow. Light is the protagonist from every perspective, both in its artificial and natural version, thanks to the windows overlooking the street and a large window on the rear side, which amplifies the spaces by connecting the interiors with the courtyard of the building, from which you can see the presence of the “Moon” suspension lighting solution. The succession of rooms on the street level is characterized by the rigor of the surfaces and the sinuosity of the ceiling vaults which generate a rhythmic sequence of contrasts.

Through a suspended passage, the “Flash”, “Infinito” and “Ohm” systems connect, together with others, the rooms on the ground floor creating an aerial continuity of the spaces. The architectural project, which worked on the theme of subtraction, always remains focused on the displayed lighting fixtures and the emotion aroused by their poetry. The alternation between the presence of Scandinavian furnishings and the void of the space accentuates the domestic and hospitality flavour that the new space wants to offer, generating new visual suggestions.


“In 1998 I opened my first shop in Milan, in via Medici. I was scared and excited at the same time, but I understood that Milan was important and over time I learned to love it. Today it is one of my places. The space in via Medici has changed over the years along with the company, but it is there that I have always expressed all my passion for light. Today I feel the need to find another place for my creations. And today, 25 years later, I find myself here, excited, in the centre of Milan, in one of its most exclusive areas, via Manzoni. The thrill of 1998 is the same. And the desire to reveal all our luminous stories, our alphabet, our syntax is the same. Via Manzoni will be a place of meeting, representation, seduction. Thanks to everyone: to my collaborators, to my friends, to all the people who believed in me.”

Davide Groppi

A place to represent completely and without compromise, our creations, telling our bright stories, showing our alphabet and the syntax of our projects. Light interacts with the space and with modern and contemporary design classics. To live a total experience, to make memorable the visit in our space, new proposals are added to the collection of our lamps.


Ante Litteram

Davide Groppi, 2024

A minimal, rational candlestick.

We think so far ahead that sometimes we go backwards.

Before LEDs, fire.



Davide Groppi, 2024

Our perfume.

The memory of our light.



Michele Groppi, 2024

We like to combine the letters of our alphabet to create anagrams, words, light stories.

Anagramma is a project-object, for holding flowers, thoughts, love notes.

The pieces of the puzzle can be composed as you like.


Davide Groppi

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