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Nemo Monforte: the opening

18 November 2022

Published in a new book entitled “The Accent X”, the latest innovations are unveiled in the new concept of MONFORTE SHOWROOM, a project by Locatelli & Partners. New products that define the eclectic spirit of the Nemo collections traditionally characterised by their focus on tradition and innovation.


Nemo once again presents itself as an incubator of proposals inspired by human beings and their primary needs. Together with two new designs by Le Corbusier and Charlotte Perriand, the collection is enriched with solutions that express new paradigms of innovative lighting approaches in unexplored spaces and methods.

I believe that Massimiliano Locatelli with the Nemo Monforte project has successfully provided the opportunity for a reflection that overturns the typical lighting space design concept seen so far“, stated Federico Palazzari, CEO of Nemo Lighting. “As soon as the concept was presented, we had no hesitation in proceeding: this project is an experiment characterised by classic and contemporary hints, totally in line with Nemo’s culture“.

The idea, driven by the desire of providing the company with the right framework to showcase lighting proposals, turned into a unique architectural experience. Locatelli conceived the space by combining five materials “for five houses with five stories”: cement, iron, wood, glass and rubber were selected to dichotomize areas capable of enhancing lights, the real protagonists of the new layout.

Inside the new Nemo world, lighting finds its own expression according to the context in which it is placed and reflected, creating a full range of new exhibition paths. The new lettering of the sign, the different entrance disposition and the modified perspective of the shop windows invites to this new space. The interior is designed to be modular through the use of pivoting doors that can be adapted to the needs of the collections: a place where simplicity and elegance of materials express themselves and where the contamination between great masters and new products, Nemo’s true vocation, is enhanced.

A unifying floor echoes the golden section created by Le Corbusier at La Tourette. Moving away from authentic materials, downstairs visitors are transported into a chromatic universe. Inspired by the blue colour of Nemo logo, the architect recalls both the colour blue of Charlotte Perriand and Le Corbusier’s lamp and takes the guest into an intimate and cosy setting. A timeless space where the main protagonist is the architectural selection. A multifunctional place that also welcomes the brand’s numerous activities, such as readings, presentations and showcases.

A project that emphasises the company’s genius loci, showing Nemo’s distinctive features. Culture, beauty, experience, technology. And future vision.

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