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New light in stores: Imoon expands the Maxi family

10 December 2021

After the e-commerce boom of the last year and a half, in-person shopping has started to increase again with the reopening of the stores: consumers want to browse shelves and touch objects with their hands at the same time, in short, regain possession of their own purchasing rituals. In this return to normality stores have had to rethink not only their layout, but also the customer experience they offer.


Flexibility and sustainability have always been core guidelines for Imoon, a leading player in the international lighting market for the Food & Fashion Retail sector, and thanks to the expansion of the Maxi family, Imoon is now their leading exponent. Versatile, elegant and equipped with advanced technologies (a guarantee of superior energy savings) Maxi was created to give new light to the spaces in retail stores and shops. Among the Retailers who have appreciated its benefits is Edeka, with its hypermarket in Bremen. As part of the project carried out in collaboration with Interstore | Schweitzer, Edeka chose to illuminate its over 6,000 m2 with Imoon solutions to best enhance the quality of the products on display.

In the non-food area, Maxi Slim stands out in the 2×3 version, with a slim and compact design giving the German store a uniform and efficient light. The Maxi line is also the protagonist of the new Modes store in Porto Cervo: the high fashion boutique recalls Nordic landscapes with its sinuous geometry and neutral colours, creating a strong contrast with the Mediterranean background in which it stands. The lighting, designed by Imoon, also plays on this contrast. The spot lighting, positioned in a regular pattern, diffuses a cold hue reminiscent of the Scandinavian climate.

The new Maxi family revolutionises lighting with endless options for customisation. Available in the recessed, suspension, ceiling and projector versions, it provides, 30°, 60°, 90°, 110°, asymmetric and batwing lenses, for a uniform or accented light distribution, as needed. When mounted on a track, the projectors can rotate for greater freedom of movement and an even more personalised beam in terms of flexibility for changing exposure needs.

In more detail, the Maxi P range has further evolved, bringing two new lines to life: the Maxi Line, in the adjustable and rotatable models and the Maxi Slim, designed in three versions (2×3, 1×6 and 1×3) with different geometries and emissions, a guarantee of maximum adaptability. The Maxi Slim is also available in the adjustable version to meet the lighting needs of perimeter and visual areas, thanks to the double lateral bracket. The look and functionality of the projectors have therefore been renewed to give them a minimal design and better light output.

In response to the need for even more eco-friendly lighting, Imoon has made the entire Maxi collection compatible with the most innovative technologies for lighting systems’ management. Casambi, for example, is the light management tool allowing for advanced control with Bluetooth Low Energy technology. It favours intelligent management to create customised scenes and automate their alternation. DALI is also energy-efficient since it allows calibration and maintenance of optimal light with minimum consumption, based on the different hours of the day.

“According to the most recent surveys, as many as 73% of Italians prefer in-store purchases, as a guarantee of greater quality and assistance,” said Massimiliano Giussani, Imoon’s Italian Sales Director. “The contemporary consumer, in addition to enhancing his time spent in the store, is increasingly attentive to Retailers’ sustainable approach. Numerous brands have activated energy efficiency projects in order to attract these consumers”. He concludes: “A holistic vision involving lighting is essential when one takes into account that light is responsible for more than 20% of consumption. Maxi satisfies this trend without compromising in terms of design”.

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