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New lighting by BTicino for the Dino Manuzzi stadium in Cesena, Italy

17 June 2022

The refurbishment of the electrical panels serving the lighting system of the Orogel Stadium Dino Manuzzi in Cesena, Italy has just been completed. The new installation has been finished with BTicino solutions, a reference brand in electrical infrastructures, and operationally built by Progel in Longiano. The works involved the Power Center Cabinet and the four Switchboards of the light towers; in 2021, the plant had already been equipped with new medium voltage switchboards and high-efficiency transformers.

The system is controlled by a central console that, through the supervision system on KNX protocol (Konnex), allows the setting of different lighting scenarios, thus ensuring versatile and efficient lighting. Anywhere in the stadium, the lighting towers can be easily operated and managed through a smartphone or tablet. Also, using previously set scenarios settings for different situations, such as matches, training, and field inspection, can be activated.

A supervision system was also provided, with connected monitoring of consumption and of each single switch status, to signal any alarm and quickly respond. The plant has been designed and built with particular attention to energy efficiency and sustainability. All the BTicino products used in the project are PEP Environmental certificated to identify and trace the materials and substances used and accurately define their distribution, installation, use, and end-of-life cycle. The system is modular and expandable at any time; if the stadium should be subject to a restyling, it could be reused and implemented according to new needs and modules (shops, bars, restaurants, event areas).

Besides good energy savings and perfect light stability, the new design will align the systems with the most innovative standards related to sports facilities, thus bringing Orogel Stadium Dino Manuzzi to the same level as the best Italian stadiums.

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