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Orbital lights up the offices of the future

17 September 2021

Post-pandemic organisational models demand a radical change to generate new opportunities


The pandemic has completely revolutionised organisational models: it has turned them into hybrids, combining face-to-face activities with smart working, heralding radical change and new opportunities. From unique workplaces to environments that support work, companies are being called upon to reinvent their offices in line with new design proxemics. This proxemics, in addition to conceiving new layouts as true, flexible ecosystems, contemplates the relationship between spaces and their ability to promote employee well-being in the name of sustainability. Orbital, a recessed LED solution by Makris – Imoon brand specialised in new design lighting concepts – is perfectly in line with this trend: it makes quality lighting a factor of prime importance both in contributing to an atmosphere of well-being and in promoting a more rational use of energy resources.

Born out of an encounter between pure forms and new expressive languages, Orbital goes beyond the traditional 60×60 size concept to be integrated into modular, suspended ceilings characterised by a planar light source for uniform lighting distribution. Its architecture is inspired by a manifest desire for lightness which, by sublimating the supporting structure, lets the lighting fixture acquire an original three-dimensionality, emphasised by the use of the most advanced LED technologies. It is a fusion of matter and function harmoniously coexisting in full camouflage as it integrates the four light sources, simply letting us enjoy the elegance of light. Hidden from view, it ensures punctual lighting while at the same time eliminating the phenomenon of glare, thanks to being set back from the visible surface of the panel.

Ideal for large surfaces and heights due to their luminous flux ranging from 12,000 to 12,500 lumens, Orbital is equipped with 4 LED floodlights with a neutral colour temperature not exceeding 3-4,000 K and guaranteeing maximum visual comfort. A perception further shaped by the PMMA diffuser is the opaque white variant favouring punctual lighting, capable of delineating individual points of interest. In the satin version the entire panel becomes luminous thanks to internal reflections which absorb the soft play of lights and shadows.

“The pandemic has led us to greater resilience and the ability to evolve rapidly, exploring new design strategies capable of combining distancing rules and the need to protect the lifeblood of the workplace as a privileged place for social relations, brainstorming, learning and growth”, comments Massimiliano Giussani, General Director of Makris. “In the lighting design of these desk-sharing spaces, which are increasingly dynamic, easily sanitised and reorganised, equipped with all the technologies to connect with colleagues remotely, it will be important to focus on the employee experience so that it is as comfortable and enjoyable as that experienced at home and can stimulate a sense of community and belonging. A renewed focus on people and their well-being that coincides with the increasingly widespread trend to promote an increasingly sustainable style, in which our lighting design team is perfectly reflected”.

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