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PIANETA by Elli&Rini

12 December 2021

An evocative name transferring people to ‘another planet’, in the home-office world


Apparently, and from an outside view, this ‘planet’ appears as a sculpture-lamp illuminating the environment with luxury, brightness and warmth: everything belonging to the natural beauty of light. On the other hand, the inside part hosts innovation and hyper-technology of a modern and efficient workstation. Those living in this space find themselves wrapped in absolute comfort, ‘ad personam’ customizable depending on the business needs, hyper-connection and taste.

PIANETA is not only professionalism: it is also pleasure and relaxation, a ‘capsule’ allowing people to stay at the centre of the reality revolving around, but at the same time isolating from noise pollution and the frenzy of everyday life, allowing them to find themselves in a space-time dimension in which to savour the pleasure of one’s passions: reading, listening to music or watching a movie. PIANETA allows multimedia and wellness experiences created to people’s measure and comfort. PIANETA, with clean essential and elegant lines, is a 2.5 square meters microcosm, compact on the outside and large interior where to place hyper-technological tools and devices managed by a touch screen Haptic Panel with futuristic shape. Monitor, Dolby webcam and wireless charging system complete the supplied instrumentation allowing perfect interaction and digital ‘dialogue’. PIANETA is a harmonious fusion of natural elements and technological innovation.

The multifaceted structure recalling Platone’s one ensures the best acoustics inside, while the panels arranged on the outer shell acoustically isolate it. The wood-based case in natural, eco-sustainable materials – walnut, oak, mahogany and ebony versions depending on the models – with DEKTON and stabilized green panels, are an example of high-quality Italian craftsmanship. Velvets and leather cover the interior with comfort and personality, according to homemade taste and tradition. Furthermore, the technology developed by the sanitization specialists REair allows PIANETA to offer an indoor air-purification photocatalysis process using an air quality control sensor.


PIANETA is available in three collections: Éditions de Giovanni Antonelli Dudan, Y.O.U. and Bespoke Edition.

The Éditions de Giovanni Antonelli Dudan collection, is signed by the famous designer who selecting the best materials and the most genial combinations, gave rise to a “capsule collection” consisting of 5 models based on the type of wood used for the coating.

The Y.O.U. (Your Own Universe) collection allows PIANETA’s customization and variations on the theme according to the environment – home, office, showroom, lounge – inside the physical space, and perfectly adapting to the customers’ professional and private dimension.

The Bespoke Edition collection represents the highest level of customization. in this case, PIANETA can be ‘dressed’ with a logo or branded on the outside, keeping inside the technology and personal taste of the user.


PIANETA’s price ranges from 29,200 Euro for the basic version to 37,000 Euro for the luxury version (PIANETA Ebony).



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