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Smart LED lighting control by Dalcnet

16 March 2023

Professional lighting design through innovative LED control units with integrated Casambi and DALI2 technology


The crises of recent years have incredibly accelerated the process of digitization and technological integration, bringing out the need for intelligent solutions for energy saving and sustainability. Dalcnet, an Italian company specialized in the production of LED control units and LED dimmers for light management, has interpreted the market needs by completely revisiting the lineup of products dedicated to the smart control of lighting in professional and residential environments.

Dalcnet products are designed to interface with the most widespread protocols and technologies for digital light management such as DALI2, DMX, Casambi and Modbus, this makes Dalcnet controllers suitable for any professional lighting project, within specific applications such as building automation, stage lighting, retail and electronic design.


The 2023 Dalcnet news for smart lighting control

The lineup of smart light control solutions proposed by Dalcnet has been completely revised with new products and new functions, increasingly integrated and intelligent. In fact, the new generation of Dalcnet products has introduced new hardware with the use of new form factors (Mini, Slim and Line series) capable of managing from 1 to 5 channels.

There is also no shortage of software innovations thanks to the close partnership with Casambi and the DALI Alliance organization for the development of integrated DALI2 solutions, the internationally standardized protocol for digital communication between lighting control devices. The intense R&D work carried out in recent years has made it possible to create interoperable control units by improving their characteristics and functions, including data detection and collection. The production lines have also been completely revised and designed in line with the ambitious commercial development objectives.


Casambi Academy and Commissioning Competence Certification

Dalcnet, together with Digimax, is Casambi Commissioning partner after having obtained the 4C certification issued by Casambi, not a simple training course but an official recognition after having supported and passed a path of over 6 months in the planning of Casambi projects. The examination to become a Commissioning Partner is extremely selective and can only be passed after a 2-day assessment at the Casambi headquarters in Espoo, Finland, where the capabilities in setting up and commissioning various Casambi networks are determined.

This path represents the highest recognition by Casambi and certifies the Dalcnet and Digimax team among the best experts in the field of professional lighting. Thanks to the partnership between Digimax and Dalcnet it will therefore be possible to participate in specific courses on Casambi technology during 2023, thus developing knowledge and specialized know-how.


Smart retail and shopping centres, solutions in the lighting sector

The digitalization of the integrated global supply chain has ensured the development of increasingly smart solutions trough stores, including lighting with smart technologies such as Casambi and Protopixel. The creation and setting of engaging and immersive scenarios is, in fact a must, have not only for boutiques, events and temporary shops but also in shopping and retail centres. Consumption management also represents an increasingly critical success factor.

Energy certifications such as the EcoDesign legislation are a central theme in the choice of lighting solutions and in recent years their importance has clearly grown. Connected retail, sustainability, smart stores and energy management are therefore central topics in the development of new Dalcnet control products and the latest generation of LED control units has been developed around these needs.


Casambi Lineup – New generation of lighting control devices


Single channel LED dimmer with 12-48V input and 12A output. Dimensions of 46x46x25mm and integrated Casambi technology via Bluetooth 5.0


2-channel LED dimmer for managing tunable white and dim-to-warm with 12-48V input and 10A output. Dimensions of 136x29x21mm and integrated Casambi technology via Bluetooth 5.0


5-channel LED dimmer for RGB, RGB+W, RGB+TW, RGB+2W and 2xTW management with 12-48V input and 12A output. Dimensions of 186x29x21mm and integrated Casambi technology via Bluetooth 5.0

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