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Spacecannon sanitizes with UV-C light

14 March 2021

Eliminates 99,9% of viruses and bacteria


U-Vir 300 is a certified eco-friendly device which, through UV-light generated by high quality lamps, biologically sanitizes the air, eliminating viruses, bacteria and molds, without using chemical products. Airborne contamination has always been a huge problem in our society, now amplified by viral infections as Covid-19.

Unlike surface irradiation lamps and thanks to its total shielding, U-Vir 300 works also in presence of people, ensuring maximum protection for operators. Our product consists of a metal structure with a fan inside that sucks in the air; the flow is then passed through a patented treatment chamber with a UV-C generator inside that kills all pathogens.


How does it work?

Air is expelled from the outlet. This structure allows the establishment of a forced air circulation that sanitizes all the air contained in it and brings the percentage of live microorganisms to zero. U-Vir 300 is easy to use: it only needs to be connected to the network via the supplied plug and activation takes place through the specific switch. It can be used at home, in offices and in waiting rooms thanks to the particular attention paid to the attenuation of noise. Connection to the home network is via the incorporated cable with an IEC socket, bipolar switch and fuse.




Where it can be used

  • Bar / Restaurants
  • Home / Offices
  • Public places
  • Waiting rooms
  • Dressing rooms
  • Schools
  • Beauty centers
  • Elderly centers
  • Game/reading rooms
  • All environments where there is a
  • strong concentration or turnover of people


U-Vir 300

UV-C the light that sanitizes and purifies the air debelling the pathogenic agents. Ideal to sanitize the air in a room up to 200 square meters.


U-Vir 100

99% active sanitation also in presence of people. Ideal to sanitize the air in a room up to 80 square meters.

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