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Stage and convivium

13 March 2021

The dialogue with the Client is Armando Rho’s starting point for the creation of intimate, exclusive and distinctive homes. This first confidential approach leads to the foundations of the style that will reflect the taste, needs and character of the Customer.

The living room is the heart of the house, the most representative place to welcome important guests. The large sofas and the sumptuous armchairs served by tables and consoles are configured to create intimate spaces that allow conversation, play and storytelling. The blue of the sofas and armchairs is bright and, at the same time, deep. Damask is intertwined with gold tones and interacts with the finishing of the base of the tables on magnificent yellow onyx floors.

The contrast of colours keeps in a magical balance: the white of the boiserie is like a frame that draws the centre of the room, where blue and gold dominate. The chandelier in the middle of the domed ceiling is an impressive and skillful piece, whose crystals illuminate the environment and create surprising games of light. Houses are the mirror of those who own them. Important and majestic residences such as the one described here are stages furnished with great care and dedication. Thanks to its catalogue of 1500 pieces of furniture, each of them customizable at the customer’s request, Armando Rho, in addition to the aesthetic needs of an attentive and competent Client, is also capable to satisfy the need for authenticity.

The design fantasy resulting from a long experience approaches the uniqueness of those who will live in these houses, in the shared choice of every single element, up to the furnishing accessories. A masterpiece of constructive and technical skill that expresses something new and unexpected, radiating sensations of freedom, elegance, fantasy and art, in a furnishing project signed together by the Client and Armando Rho.



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