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Terno Scorrevoli: 1950 – 2020, a 70 years passion and now ready for new challenges

22 September 2020

In a 2020 that has indelibly marked the history of the whole world, Terno Scorrevoli is once again faced with a decisive test, in the year of an important celebration: its 70 years. But its long history reminds us that strong trees are made to withstand the most impervious wind. And it is precisely in such deep roots that we find the answers and the inspiration to face an uncertain future. Roots made of: creativity, spirit of adaptation, vision, passion and culture of work. Roots that remind us that Made in Italy is not only a matter of elegance and details, but it is also the symbol of an Italy able to roll up its sleeves and face moments that seemed unsurpassed. An Italy able to see beauty in simple things, enhance its features and make great our Country. So: happy birthday, for a birthday it has never been so important at a time when we all need certainty.

Fluid technology: The future of sliding systems has started

Let’s start from the future, from innovation, let’s pick up where we left off and talk about Fluid. The most relevant innovation in the field of sliding doors for interior doors and furniture, in terms of performance, resistance and user experience. The best sliding quality possible, functional noise voided, extremely light movements in door opening and closing. Three different patents to revolutionize the concept of sliding. A new system which it suits to all bracket series into the catalogue Terno Scorrevoli. From Magic2 to Comfort, from Scorrisospensione to Classic, Fluid technology is integrated today in almost all sliding systems offered by Terno. A revolutionary technology that led to the creation of the T-Lab, an analysis and testing laboratory that is now able to guarantee and show our customers certified resistance tests on impressive cycle numbers.

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