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The components by Ivars: versatility and practicality par antonomasia

29 January 2024

In 2023, Ivars S.p.A. presented numerous components, continuing its tradition of developing versatile and top-notch quality products


Ivars, a company based in Vestone – Italy, created new products tailored to the diverse needs in the Office components sector. Starting from Pasha, the innovative seat is designed to meet the needs of Executive and Directional office spaces. Pasha meets the requirements of Office spaces by making comfort its main feature. Pasha is dedicated to exceptional seating standards: it surpasses being a mere seat, becoming an integral component that sets the standards apart. Pasha’s innovative character is in the design of the under seat. A special housing partly conceals the mechanism’s connection to the seat, resulting in a lighter aesthetic impact while ensuring optimal design and functionality. The seat can be upholstered by combining it with all kinds of fabrics: it also offers elevated elegance thanks to a cleverly designed additional frame that ensures hidden upholstery fixings. Pasha is available in a black finish. Its large and ample dimensions ensure maximum comfort.

In terms of mechanisms, in 2023 has been introduced A20, a Synchron body-balance mechanism that also comes with a slider function. It is fitted with compression springs for smooth and stable movement, with a 70 mm stroke. Its compact design ensures compatibility with a wide range of seating solutions. This versatility allows customers to assemble the chair as they prefer, achieving maximum customisation and originality. In 2023 have been presented also two styles of armrests. The first is the Shuttle range, offering Italian-made armrests available in three versions: 1D, 2D and 3D, depending on movements.

Shuttle is inclined and suits all types of Office requirements. That, as a result of a research and innovation project conducted by the Ivars R&D Team, aimed to develop a stylish product characterised by a sleek and linear design. Available in a classic black nylon finish, Shuttle offers multiple benefits, including a comfortable soft pad and can be used with the IB02 and IB02A brackets for easy lateral adjustment as a 4D version.

Anchor is another armrest with an exclusive and innovative design. Entirely made of aluminium, it can be assembled in either direction and is suitable for completing high-end chairs, such as the same-name executive chair. Anchor represents Ivars’ top-level offer, a distinctive and refined product.

Regarding bases, Ivars introduced Qatar, available in two variations: a 4-legs ø700 version tailored for Contract settings, marking a significant departure from traditional aluminium bases, and a 5-legs ø720 version designed for Office settings. Qatar’s sleek lines strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. The 4-legs version is entirely made from nylon and is suitable for contract seating, soft seating and armchairs. The same design also extends to the 5-legs version, the first base with a 720 mm diameter that is practical and functional in situations where seating stability is fundamental.

Lastly, one of the most interesting new releases in 2023 was Unique, the all-plastic jacket holder compatible with most Ivars chairs. Its special adaptor allows it to be mounted on backrests with headrests, adding a touch of style to the overall look of the chair. Characterised by a minimalist design, Unique is versatile enough to be used in classic and modern settings or on different seats.

All the latest components introduced by Ivars mark a moment of immense creativity for the Vestone-based company, hinting at a new year brimming with innovative furnishing ideas, proposals and solutions. Ivars never stops, propelled by the same passion and enthusiasm that has characterised its journey thus far. Looking ahead to 2024, Ivars eagerly anticipates introducing lots of new products.



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