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The inauguration of “Unveil and reveal” Slamp’s new company showroom

28 November 2021

General Director and Artistic Director Luca Mazza transformed the recent purchase of a 2.000 sq. M hangar, just outside the company’s headquarters, into a pavilion designed to feature the brand’s iconic pieces and latest collections, immersing visitors in a luminous experience.

Wide black-paneled corridors introduce theatrical drama to visitors, encircled by a cobalt pavilion defined by symbolic geometries and unexpected plays of depth and perspective. Eight 4-meter arches surround a square floor plan, and the slightly rounded entryway gently guides spectators towards the heart of the showroom. Mazza sought to create a kaleidoscope that envelops the visitor like a maze, where a 6-meter mirror draws the eye to infinite reflections and angles within.

A concentric cascade of 87 Hugo suspensions takes center stage, standing as a pragmatic example of the endless possibilities Slamp presents within a space, bringing the company increasingly closer to projects that reveal flexibility in design and production thanks to in-house research, development, and manufacturing.

The Unveil and Reveal company showroom can be visited by appointment only until December 2021, when this constellation of collections will make space for the new ones to be released in January 2022.

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