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The last frontier of junction boxes is TH212

30 April 2023

Integrating electrical and electronic control and monitoring components into architectural installations is easier and safer with TECHNO


Integrating electrical and electronic control and monitoring components into architectural installations is easier and safer with TH212, the new mini junction box that features an innovative screwless lid solution (IP66), high configurability and elegant aesthetics. The TH212 junction box offers an internal space of 50 x 50 x 46 mm, which facilitates the installation of various types of accessories. This allows the integration of electronic components, sensors for control systems and advanced monitoring and makes it a quick and functional interface solution for IoT devices. The external dimensions of 72 x 75 x 57 mm also make it a unique solution on the market in terms of design and compactness, guaranteed by the IK08 mechanical resistance rating.

TH212 is available in two versions: IP66-rated in the version without cover fixing screws and IP67-rated in the version with fixing screws. It has a total of 5 inputoutput arrangements (4xM16 and 1xM20): the pre-breaking of the input-output holes facilitates the choice of the best configuration. A version with an M20 input-output hole cover is also available in the catalogue; the TH212 is thus a 6input-output junction box.


Standard or pre-configured 

TH212 can be supplied empty, pre-configured with TEEfamily® connectors and accessories, for signal or power connection, or be freely equipped with standard electrical and electronic components available on the market. The configuration possibilities are wide and diverse. For example, the cover with an M20 hole can be useful if you plan to install electronic components such as motion and light sensors conforming to the Zhaga Book18 standard. Also significant is the possibility to provide openings and holes on the underside of the junction box, to give the designer and installer maximum freedom to adapt the product to specific installation requirements. In the screwless version, a quick locking system to fix the lid allows to clamp the junction box without the need for tools. The elegant and innovative design of this junction box makes it an excellent solution for architectural and decorative projects.



Techno provides a wide range of add-on components that further expand the use possibilities of the mini-junction box. Specific lid accessories, depending on whether the closed or M20-hole type is used, allow the mounting of terminal blocks, mini-drivers, IoT devices and both wired and wireless DALI-DALI2, CASAMBI and Dalcnet dimming modules. A pre-configured kit for mounting Zhaga Book18-compliant devices in the cover with an M20 hole is also available. A kit allowing the integration of Wago 221 Series connectors is available for the inside of the mini-junction box. Finally, TH212 can be wall-mounted, through the M20 hole and a special adapter, or pole-mounted through a special bracket, equipped with a quick coupling and release system that can be easily fixed with cable ties.


The first designed on the IoTH® platform

In the Techno solutions ecosystem, the TH212 mini-junction box is the link between two platforms: it represents the evolution of the TEEBOX® family and is the first designed on the new IoTH® platform. TH212 offers system integration and protection of IoT devices (i.e. lighting control with electronic devices such as drivers, sensors and controllers).

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