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The new opening for Davide Groppi, the Spazio Esperienze Seoul

18 July 2023

The light of Davide Groppi expands in Asia, in the heart of the South Korean capital, with the opening of the new Spazio Esperienze Seoul. A new location, a new scenario, and a new story in addition to the current openings Spazio Esperienze in Milan, Piacenza, Bologna, Verona, Mallorca and Parma. A story, that expands as light does in ever-changing, unexpected contexts. A story now reaching Seoul with the idea of extending even more, in national and international contexts, following the natural talent of light: spreading.

The Spazio Esperienze is a space which presents the results of a company like Davide Groppi, the arrival and departure point of his vision. A place open to designers and all those who want to immerse themselves in a world of light, a place to tell their stories, to show how extraordinary lamps are born, creations made of ingenuity and imagination, passion and organization, soul and brain.

Spread over two floors, the space dialogues with the rooms and furnishings, including the works of the artist Jiana Kim. The rhythm is marked by the lights, in a subtle balance of full and empty spaces, of space and emotion. Spazio Esperienze inspires two different, still complementary essentialities: Scandinavian and Japanese. Davide Groppi’s refined and contemporary lights resonate with a typically northern European design made up of original period furniture and objects. Northern European design is a model inspiring Davide Groppi: the ability to create original and recognizable situations within a linear, functional, clear and never redundant path. The clean lines also refer to Japanese culture, which shares the mystique of purity with that of Northern Europe, the splendid ability to work on the essential, to remove rather than add.

Davide Groppi’s works share with these very different cultures the constant search for a delicate light, only later revealed when curiosity arises to find out where it comes from.


Spazio Esperienze Seoul

103-2 Yangjaecheon-ro, Seocho-gu

Seoul, South Korea


Danord vintage Scandinavian design furniture.


Davide Groppi

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