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The new seating range by Ivars showcased at Interzum Cologne 2023

2 October 2023

Ivars was present at the latest edition of Interzum with a large range of new seating products: over the last few years, the company’s designers have been focusing their efforts in particular on aspects of style and solutions to meet the seating needs of the modern market


One of the main news was without doubt the N.Time backrest, which is available in three versions: mesh, plastic at sight and upholstered with lumbar support, all versions feature the same fixed back bar. Its new dedicated seat is compatible with other Ivars chairs. A second major innovation was the College stool, developed to complete the family range.

It’s produced in a version with a low shell and has proved to be a versatile chair, which is ideal for a vast assortment of uses, especially contract settings: the stool can be assembled on a wooden, plastic, or iron frame. Available with a wooden frame in two heights (65 and 75 cm), or swivel with nylon or chromed base. College is a smart, eye-catching and modern seat: it can be finished in myriad colours and features a particular photo-engraved detail. Finally, it can be completely upholstered offering a more personalized product. In addition to these two notable products, Ivars also showcased the following at Interzum:

  • Queen: a chair featuring a new plastic back bar which is not incorporated into the backrest – designed, developed and produced in Italy. Queen is available in two sizes (high and low) and numerous configurations, which include mesh or upholstered versions, and three types of back bar.
  • Mini is a seat aimed at the mass market adjustable in height by means of a nylon back bar with rapid-closure system. Mini stands out for its minimal dimensions and home office design, and can be upholstered in a vast array of colours and patterns.
  • The new Anchor seat: featuring a stylish design, this seat has been created for Directional use. It is available in high and low versions and comes with a fixed aluminium back bar. With its stylish aesthetic, Anchor makes the perfect choice to create a series with a highly distinctive and instantly recognizable look.
  • Seventyfive: the series already available in mesh is extended with an additional plastic panel at sight which can be also upholstered.

In addition to the kits, Ivars also showcased at Interzum some highly interesting new components:

  • The Borg mesh is aimed at Operative and Directional models, and is particularly eye-catching with its double front-and-rear weave which lends a two-tone colour effect.
  • The CV08 column featuring an auto-return system
  • The A10, A20 and A50 mechanisms. A10 is intended for shells and armchairs and is equipped with an intuitive locking/unlocking system.

A20 is a Syncron-type mechanism available with or without slider. It comprises compression springs which guarantee a smooth and stable action. A50 provides a complete solution: a synchro mechanism, with 4 locking positions and tension regulation in 3 steps.

  • The Qatar base comes in two versions: a 4-star version ø700 for Contract settings, and a 5-star version ø720 for Office settings.
  • The new QUEEN up&down back bar is enterely made in plastic and Ivars has brought the full extent of its expertise and experience to create a versatile, functional and competitive product.
  • The Shuttle armrest: a family of Italian-made armrests available in three versions. This represents one of the latest most interesting items: 1d adjustable in height, 2d adjustable in height and back-and-forward, and 3d, which adds rotation to the first two features, ensuring even more complete comfort.
  • The Anchor armrest, produced completely in aluminium and boasting a sleek, elegant design. It can be assembled in either direction and is perfectly suitable for high-end chairs such as Anchor model created for executive use.


These new products have marked a major return for Ivars, not only in terms of ranges and manufacturing, but also and in particular concerning re-establishing relationships with clients, who were once again able to touch products with their own hands, feel their quality and physical characteristics, appreciating their distinctive features and functionality.



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