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The outdoor signature projector

24 June 2022

Spine by Vincent Van Duysen for Flos Outdoor is the new family of adjustable outdoor projectors


It transforms an instrument that is generally considered anonymous and very difficult to characterize into a product of excellence. Thus, the Spine family stands out for both the minimal aesthetics that made Van Duysen famous all over the world and for the innovative technology that make it unique. The latter is a sum of factors, all resulting from Flos’ engineering expertise: the possibility of rotating the head 270°degrees and the base 360°, the maximum visual comfort, simplicity and flexibility of assembly (both rare for an outdoor projector) and the wide range of accessories that make it perfect for customized projects in any environment, from residential to contract.

All this, combined with Van Duysen’s unmistakable style, make Spine the first outdoor signature projector. Available from April 2022, Spine represents one of the most important innovations of the Flos Outdoor Manifesto, the new catalog for those who deal with outdoor lighting and which unifies the Ares and Flos Outdoor products in a single reference tool for architects and lighting designers.


Light only where it’s needed: Flos’s technology and Van Duysen’s minimal aesthetics

Bringing light only where it is needed is a central design challenge. For this reason, Spine is a totally innovative creation. Flos’ engineering expertise, interpreted by the Belgian designer with his unmistakable brutalist approach, has created a projectors collection with an ultra-compact design and a fundamental feature: the possibility of rotating the lighting body at 270 degrees, allowing to direct the light as precisely as possible, when and how it is required.

The projector’s name explains its innovativeness: Spine means in fact backbone, an image recalled by the joint of the lighting body, which can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically by 360 and 270 degrees, respectively. The joint is equipped with a graduated scale to obtain maximum precision in pointing the light. All electrical connections are hidden in the base of the projector, making Spine a family with a clean, seamless design.


One identity, many models, infinite combinations

The idea behind Spine is that of a product capable of satisfying the most diverse needs, from high-end residential to hospitality through restaurants and the redevelopment projects of ancient villages and hamlets. To allow and support this flexibility, Spine was turned into a family divided into different models, all characterized by the same aesthetic identity. Two sizes are available (with a diameter of 70 mm or 90 mm) and three products with as many different types of light beam. There is Absolute, with an essential selection of light beams (Spot and Flood); there is Pro, with a complete set of professional beam apertures and a more sophisticated lighting performance; and finally there is Ultra, offering the utmost visual comfort thanks to an integrated snoot and the possibility of incorporating an additional visor, perfect to fulfill the most complex installations.

Another feature that makes Spine a unique and perfect family for any project is the large availability of accessories: from the base and earthspike installation to the possibility of multiple installation on poles, that can transform the projector into a bollard with an adjustable head; and other accessories for the lighting control, from the snoot passing through the honeycomb and other essential filters to control glare and obtain specific effects.


Structure and finishes

The structure of Spine is in cast aluminum powder coated with ACT (anti-corrosion treatment), equipped with transparent extra clear glass. The exclusive optical unit integrated in a rear position in the body of the product guarantees extreme visual comfort, thanks to the use of patented lenses, developed internally by Flos Outdoor, while at the same time maintaining a high lighting performance.

Spine is available in six finishes, its double-layer powder coating underwent a surface chemical conversion treatment which guarantees high resistance to mechanical movement, corrosion and UV rays.


Technical features

Materials: cast aluminum, glass

Finishes: White, Black, Deep Brown, Anthracite, Gray, Forest Green

Light source: COB LED or Power LED

Over 700 lumen for the 70 mm model

Over 1.400 lumen for the 90 mm model

Color temperature: 2700 / 3000 / 4000 K

CRI 80

IP 66

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